Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2014

Harder to fight a rival in the same team – Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2014In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton admits his battle for the championship with Nico Rosberg this year is made more difficult by the fact they are team mates and have access to each others’ data.


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Lewis Hamilton: ‘intense’ F1 battle with Nico Rosberg like playing poker (The Guardian)

“It is definitely more challenging (than competing against someone from another team), because you have to find ways to create small margins. And so what you do is bring your skills, things that you’ve learned, things you can put into the mix.”

Verstappen has all the ingredients of a champion – Marko (F1)

“He will be 17 when he has his first race, which is pretty young, but I don’t think it is a risk.”

Max Verstappen Q&A (Sky)

“Of course the physical condition has to be better to do an F1 race as you have to do one-and-a-half hour races instead of 35 minutes so we are going to work hard on that.”

Mallya: F1 needs social media rethink (Autosport)

“What I don’t understand is that Bernie doesn’t want to know about social media – he’s a TV man and that’s it.”

Lotus F1 Team Burns Up Record $107.9 Million Loss (Forbes)

“‘The company is having discussions to bring new partners to support its development,’ says Mr Lopez adding that it ‘is notably in discussion with several parties for a long term title sponsorship.'”

Is the Bernie Ecclestone ruling a formula for injustice? (The Lawyer)

“Far from being a symptom of a malfunctioning judicial system, Ecclestone’s settlement was a pragmatic decision that avoided prolonging an expensive trial when it was apparent the prosecution was struggling to surmount the evidentiary [sic] burden.”

Emmo on Fangio, Clark, Spa and other icons (McLaren)

“During 1972, when I was in the process of winning the world championship for Lotus, and during which year Colin [Chapman] and I also began to become good friends, he put his hand on my arm, looked me in the eye, and said, ‘Emerson, I like you. You’re a good bloke. But I don’t want to get too close to you, because…'”


Comment of the day

PeterG is disappointed other junior Red Bull drivers have been overlooked in favour of Max Verstappen:

For me his age and inexperience in cars is not the issue, My issue is that guys like Antonio Felix da Costa, Carlos Sainz Jnr and Alex Lynn have seemingly been overlooked by someone who may well be great but who is yet to really prove themselves over a full season.

Alex Lynn has been mega in GP3 this year, There’s no way he deserves to be overlooked. Sainz has been impressing for a few years now in GP3 and now Formula Renault 3.5. He’s more than good enough and fully ready to make the step up to F1.

It was the same with Da Costa, He had the pace in Formula Renault 3.5 but was let down by unreliability and some other bits of bad luck. He showed just as much raw speed as Magnussen and Vandoorne yet got overlooked for F1 and then thrown into DTM where he’s fading into oblivion as like many other open wheel drivers he’s struggling to figure DTM out because of the very bespoke way those cars are (the driver sits very far back which gives a very odd feeling for how the car is moving about).

The bigger problem for Lynn and Sainz comes in 2016, Kvyat is doing a brilliant job so I can’t see Red Bull losing him and if Verstappen also impresses then there not going to lose him either (Can’t see them getting rid of Vettel or Ricciardo either).

So where do Lynn and Sainz fit in? Do Red Bull fund them in a rival team, do they drop Red Bull and lose all their funding to risk trying to make it on there own. Look how that worked for Algersuari – his career’s been dead for two to three years as he’s struggled to find new backing.

This decision may well turn out great for Verstappen but its horrible for Red Bull drivers who have already worked through to and have shown great speed and talent in GP2/GP3 and Formula Renault 3.5.

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Hybrid power has become an ever-more crucial part of Formula One engines this season. However the technology got off to a shaky start in F1.

Following the introduction of KERS in 2009, teams agreed five years ago today not to run it the following season as a cost-saving measure:

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