Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Hungaroring, 2014

Hungary orders didn’t come from Lowe – Hamilton

F1 Fanatic Round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Hungaroring, 2014In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he would have taken his team’s order to let Nico Rosberg past in Hungary more seriously had the instruction come from executive director of technical Paddy Lowe instead of his race engineer Peter Bonnington.


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Fighting talk (F1)

“Q: Whose voice was it that told you to let Nico pass?
LH: My engineer. Paddy could come on the radio if it was ‘you have to do this!’ He could press the button. If Paddy comes on you know it is down a gear and let him go.”

Rosberg and Hamilton agree to disagree (Reuters)

Hamilton: “There wasn’t (a discussion). I don’t know what Nico has said but we haven’t all sat down together as yet.”

Verstappen set for Austin FP1 debut (Autosport)

Max Verstappen will likely make his Formula One debut in free practice for November’s United States Grand Prix, according to Toro Rosso team boss Franz Tost.”

Start, Buddh International Circuit, 2013Ecclestone dashes hopes of Indian Grand Prix’s return in 2015 (Hindustan Times)

“It is too late for 2015. We (Formula One Management and Jaypee) are looking at 2016 now and hopefully the tax issues in India will also be sorted out by then.”

Lotterer: It’s a big challenge (Sky)

“I still race single seaters, Super Formula, which is one of the fastest single-seater formulas after Formula 1, and that shows I’m not out of shape in formula racing. I’m racing really complex cars in WEC with Audi.”

Chilton axed for Belgian GP as money runs out (The Telegraph)

“The Telegraph understands that Chilton brings around £5 million a year to the team, owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Cheglakov.”

Ricciardo comparisons unfair – Vettel (ESPN)

“Daniel has had a smoother year – I’m not saying perfect year because he’s also had some issues – but way less than I had, so it’s not entirely fair to compare. That’s why I won’t argue with that, he did a great job so far.”

Open article Raikkonen backs Verstappen chance (Crash)

“I did one full year, I only had 23 car races so he’s probably going to have more than I had. Obviously I was a bit older than him but I did well.”

Belgian Grand Prix Betting: Williams Take Aim at Mercedes at Spa (Unibet)

My Belgian Grand Prix preview for Unibet.

Was Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton in Folkestone? (Folkestone Herald)

Best. Story. Ever.


Comment of the day

Why have we suddenly got two new drivers on the grid this weekend? Here’s one explanation:

The events of this week leading up to the Belgian Grand Prix are really symptomatic of the current financial state of F1. What teams are still reasonably financially healthy? Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams, Toro Rosso, McLaren (though the title sponsor they announced at the start of the season never materialised)?

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a 16-car grid in three years’ time.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Master Firelee and Kart22!

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On this day in F1

Juan Manuel Fangio won the last Swiss Grand Prix to be held in Switzerland on this day 60 years ago. Motor racing was banned in the country the following year after a crash which claimed over 80 lives during the 1955 Le Mans 24 Hours.

Fellow Argentinian driver Jose Froilan Gonzalez was second for Ferrari after taking pole position on the fast and dangerous Bremgarten circuit.

Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

47 comments on “Hungary orders didn’t come from Lowe – Hamilton”

  1. I don’t understand. If Marussia is owned by a billionaire, why doesn’t he give them some of his money to spend on any financial issues they are having? I mean, the £5 million Chilton brings to the team every year is a penny to him anyway…

    1. But IS Marussia owned by a billionaire?

      1. Well according to this article, yes!

        1. I think it’s more to do with problems passing funds from Russia due to certain trade embargoes put in place to try to level Putin into putting a stop the goings on in Crimea. I read else where that Marussia have not been able to pay staff this month.

  2. The Folkstone Herald story really was something to behold.

    1. I love these little local publishers with their quaint gossip. It is sad that they are all going bankrupt or being bought up by gigantic mega corporations.

    2. best story ever :)

    3. Hamilton in Folkestone? That’s just.. I can’t get my head around that, man!

    4. I thought it was going to be one of those sites like this one: Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the earth yet?

      Was Lewis Hamilton in Folkstone?


      1. I feel better now after seeing your link, was getting worried :)

  3. Re: COTD

    Maybe we’ll see the remaining teams run 3 cars, like in the early F1 days, so that we have a longer grid?
    I do miss the days of people fighting to get a spot on the grid, I must confess…

  4. For the split second I thought Lewis is harping on again about being hungry. You’d think someone who earns as much as him and has a personal nutritionist would at least be fed regularly…

    But then, just when I thought it was a false alarm, Lewis made sure he did deliver his daily dose of ridiculousness.

    1. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
      22nd August 2014, 0:47

      I take it you’re not a fan?

      1. Yet I struggle to think of another term for someone who takes delivery of ‘daily doses’ of someone else’s comments.

    2. What are you talking about sir?

    3. I guess the reality set in that he simply answered a question …

  5. A great opportunity for Max C. to chat up the wags this weekend, looking on the bright side.

    1. Sounds like the kid who spends the grocery money on candy (or was that just me).

      £5M/year is some £250K/race.
      He probably spent the money on the black 4×4!

  6. So stoked for Spa, it has been too long since the last GP…Also keeping an eye on Lotterer and Rossi.

  7. Why does Rosberg keep making things up?

    1. ‘cos he finds it easy to make things up after making up his Monaco pole position.

    2. Hamilton sounds in a good frame of mind for the rest of the season, Rosberg sounds a bit brittle and one-dimensional.

    3. I’m struggling to believe the idea that there wasn’t a debrief, more than I am Rosberg’s suggestion that there was.

      1. What is it that you think NR supposedly ‘keeps’ making up? I can’t see it. NR spoke after the race, then he spoke at the drivers interview at Spa. Where does ‘keeps’ come into it? LH has talked with certain team members about the issue, so has NR, but both drivers weren’t in on one meeting about it to hash it out, so NR can’t speak for what might have been said to LH. There was no need, and I doubt there is any issue on the team. LH was right to do what he did, NR probably would have done the same thing (I’ll let him go if Lowe himself says to or if he’s right on my bumper and won’t cost me time), the team will rethink putting these guys in that situation again, and they’ve moved on.

    4. Rosberg says they had individual debriefs with team management. Not all of them together. So they are not really disagreeing

  8. I REALLY miss Thursday practice !

  9. Formula 1 is becoming a very sad place…
    First we have younger and younger teenagers starting racing in “pinnacle of Motorsport”. Now driver changes mid season without any other reason than money.
    Seriously, what have happened?
    I remember times when F1 was all about REAL MEN racing each other and drivers fighting hard to get to F1.
    What we have now?
    A kindergarten with easy to drive cars driving tracks that are safer than anything really (with few exceptions).
    I wonder what’s next? Steering wheels with build in Twitter and Camera for selfies? Hmm… no thank you!

    1. Steering wheels with build in Twitter

      Of course not!
      Bernie would never allow the use of social media in Formula 1!

      1. COTD! Love it!

        I would also like to ask Toxic what a REAL MAN [sic] is – and are you sure Susie Wolff doesn’t qualify? She’s old enough and experienced enough, right?

        I guess Susie Wolff is some kind of FAKE MAN?

    2. What if the kid can star in his first season? I would probably put him in a GP2 before, but maybe he can prove us wrong. I’m giving him the benefit of doubt.

      The good news is, he’s there not because he paid for his drive but because experts see tremendous talent in him, and that’s great news for F1.

      1. This! I prefer young talents way better than pay-drivers… especially when they only show up for one race-weekend. That’s just plain stupid and devaluates F1!

    3. “Now driver changes mid season without any other reason than money.”

      It has always been like that. Actually, the last few seasons have been the stablest (in terms of in-season changes), with a few seasons without any changes during the season.

    4. Well, at least we don’t have GP2 cars on the grid!

  10. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
    22nd August 2014, 6:23

    Have to say, I like the look of Lotterer’s helmet. Simple and basic, yet quite elegant and striking at the same time.

  11. Maybe because the comment implies a man with a full beard is an Islamic terrorist. In some places it should considered politically incorrect…

    1. What comment are you referring to @jcost?

      1. There was a comment saying that Hamilton looked like he should be in ISIS.

        1. Meant to be a reply to Traverse.

        2. No , with tongue firmly planted in cheek I posted ” Lewis to join ISIS” apparently this upset the Hamilton fan club ( and they claim the Germans don’t have a sense of humour) headed up by Lestyn. @matt90,@jcost and Traverse.

          1. I didn’t see the response you got, but I would assume it had more to do with people’s feelings about linking a black man with a beard to ISIS rather than their sensibilities about Hamilton in particular.

          2. @hohum man I know there a few theories about the limits of humor, I don’t think it was crossed but certainly making a joke a bout a beard and a terrorist group devastating many people lives right now really touches some sensitive points and should be avoided. Just it my friend.

          3. @jcost, vile and vicious as they are I think giving them any respect is counter-productive there should only be 2 responses to them, ridicule and extermination.

  12. Regarding drivers switch for this weekend. The point is that teams should be self sustainable. No businessman would ever throw money if there is no expected income. It’s one thing to invest and it’s another thing to spend money. And we come to the main problem in F1. We have on one hand teams that are pressed financially to employ pay drivers and are struggling to make it to the grid, and on the other hand we (sadly) have Bernie who is making gazillion pounds (one man !?!?) from that same F1….. And I’m not talking that F1 is way too expensive only for the “small” teams. You have big corporations like VW, Toyota, Ford, GM… who are out of F1 because of that same reasons. Maybe F1 changed from the most exciting sport to the most expensive business platform. We have transformations that goes from the fastest to not so fast but still fastest formula. From the loudest to the most quiet formula (except E formula of course). I’m glad it became the safest formula on the other hand (thank God) and this season we have great racing with battles on and of the circuit. Just fix the sound and share money among teams so that we continue to watch this greatest sport/show please! :)

  13. Contractual issues delaying the return of the Indian GP. Maybe they need to speak to Max’s team on how to get over “contractual issues.”

    Sigh. At least this weekend we can start concentrating on the racing again.

  14. @keithcollantine
    From the Hamilton interview I thought this was a more interesting part:

    Q: That aside, Hungary was a superb race from you: coming from the very back and finishing on the podium after slicing through the field like a hot knife through butter. Can you talk us through that?
    LH: Yes it was a hell of a race. And this week when they analysed the engine they’ve seen that I lost a lot of power- and if I didn’t have that problem I would have won. There was a huge power loss – almost half a second a lap from my second stop. I was fast – but imagine that half a second on top! I would have past Fernando (Alonso)…

    I mean we heard the radio message, we knew it wans’t Lowe, but we didn’t know about the power loss.

  15. Things like the power loss really worry me, what’s to say Mercedes might create a “power loss” to create a result, “Lewis you’ve been a bad boy so we’re going to tamper with your car.” It could be done without a driver or the fans ever knowing.

  16. Hamilton: “There wasn’t (a discussion). I don’t know what Nico has said but we haven’t all sat down together as yet.”

    Lewis, always telling it like it is!

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