Alexander Rossi, Marussia, Spa-Francorchamps, 2014

Rossi learned he wouldn’t race after practice

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Alexander Rossi, Marussia, Spa-Francorchamps, 2014In the round-up: Alexander Rossi didn’t find out he wouldn’t be racing in the Belgian Grand Prix until after the first practice session.


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Rossi last to find out that he would not do Belgian GP (Adam Cooper’s F1 blog)

“He found out after the world at large that he would not be driving for the rest of the weekend. The team management told the media during FP1 and the news was quickly circulated, but Rossi himself was not informed until he got out of the car at the end of the session.”

Marussia farce as Chilton reinstated for Belgian GP (The Telegraph)

“‘What everyone seems to think is the issue is not what it is.’ What was the problem then? ‘I’m not going to say that, because then you’ll use it.'”

Bernie Ecclestone I’ll run F1 for as long as I can – Ecclestone (BBC)

“I asked somebody the other day ‘have they decided who shot that plane down?’ Nobody seems to know do they, so what’s the link [with Russia]?”

F1 has no argument with Russia, says Ecclestone (Reuters)

“If people have got arguments with Russia, maybe they have (issues). I don’t know. We haven’t got any.”

Jacques Villeneuve slams decision to allow Max Verstappen into F1 as ”worst thing ever” (The Mirror)

“It will either destroy him or, even if he is successful right away, then F1 will be meaningless.”

Maldonado ‘unlucky’ in accident (Autosport)

“It’s nothing related to the car or from my side, [just] unlucky.”

Andre Lotterer, Caterham, Spa-Francorchamps, 2014Lack of corner speed surprises (Sky)

Andre Lotterer: “I think our Michelin tyres are a bit better, we can push them much harder and do over 700km on one set of tyres and more downforce as well so you can push an LMP1 car a bit more in the corners.”

Nico Hulkenberg Q&A (F1)

“Q: Your team boss Vijay Mallya has identified Valtteri Bottas as the surprise of the season. Was that a bit of blow – your boss praising a driver from another team?
NH: No, not really. You have to be realistic and give credit to what Valtteri has done – but Daniel (Ricciardo) has achieved even more in his Red Bull. So no, no envy at all.”


Comment of the day

Alexander Rossi was an F1 racing driver for almost 24 hours until Marussia performed an abrupt U-turn yesterday:

A lot of people slating Marussia for this, but to be fair Rossi is just their reserve driver, he’s only there for when one of their actual drivers can’t, won’t or isn’t allowed to drive. Obviously Chilton had some contractual issues going into this weekend but now they’ve been resolved the drive is his.

I’m annoyed as well, because I also think that Chilton doesn’t deserve his seat, but the fact some teams in F1 are dependent on pay drivers is less Marussia’s fault than it is the governing body which run F1’s.
Adam Kibbey (@Kibblesworth)

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On this day in F1

The first world championship Austrian Grand Prix was held 50 years ago today, and saw the first start for Austria’s first champion, Jochen Rindt. Coincidentally, his last F1 start came six years later, also in Austria (see the August 16th round-up).

A short, bumpy circuit on the Zeltweg airfield was used for Austria’s first world championship race – and never revisited. Lorenzo Bandini took his only F1 win for Ferrari.

Here is some mute footage from the race:

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