Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Spa-Francorchamps, 2014

Rate the race: 2014 Belgian Grand Prix

2014 Belgian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Spa-Francorchamps, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Belgian Grand Prix.

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2014 Belgian Grand Prix

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206 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Belgian Grand Prix”

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  1. 8/10
    Not the greatest race ever, but a lot of things happened, some of them really important.
    Loved the battle for fifth place at the end and the first few laps were quite exciting.

  2. 8/10
    Exciting battles throughout and a mixture of strategies certainly made it interesting
    Kimi back on form was great to see
    Mclaren, Alonso and Vettel battle really spiced up things at the end
    No ridiculous “Bernie says” advertisements across the track

    DRS was a little too overpowered today
    Hamilton puncture ruined what could have been a very intense battle between him and Rosberg
    Butthurt fans booing Nico on the podium

  3. 6/10. Entertaining for the most part but not memorable.

  4. Great race, again. Spa is amzaing.
    Down side is Rosberg getting away with his mistakes again. Seeing the onboard footage it was a ridiculous mistake, and he should have been punished (i’m sure Lewis would have).

  5. 7/10

    Good race, but I felt really disappointed, because I believe we could have had a titanic battel between Lewis and Nico for 44 laps. But unfortunately, this battle didn’t last very long. In the end, we just had a normal good race : good battles, on the track and with the pitstops. But, as soon as Nico had to pit to change his wing, for me it was clear Ricciardo would win it…

  6. Great race. Lots of drama, great drive by Daniel Ricciardo, and lots of good fights throughout the track. The best part was that DRS passes were not the major source of passes; at least that’s what I saw on TV. 8/10.

  7. Good battles
    RIC wins
    VET does well
    RAI is back
    just hoped HULK would get some good points

    BTW, I think BOTTAS will be massive at Monza

    1. @brianfrank302
      hulk ended up scoring, yay!!!!

  8. I only have two questions:
    1. Nico been racing for so many seasons, how is it he doesn’t know that he would break his front wing by turning in on the car in front?

    2. Why didn’t Nico just go to the run off area in the chicane? He went to the run off when challenging Vettel in the final chicane

    1. Because he had to crash Lewis out after making a crap start…

      1. I don’t think Rosberg meant to damage Lewis’s car, but he also didn’t care if he did.

    2. Racing drivers can’t see the front wing of their car. Alonso, the seemingly most complete driver on the grid, damaged three front wings in the last two seasons. Would you say he did it on purpose?

      1. @xenomorph91

        good point, I’m guessing Rosberger just tried tucking back in, he did yield i think but just got it wrong and touched,

  9. I see that there are more comments being made about Rosberg and Hamilton then the real driver of this GP which is Daniel Ricciardo who was superb and absolutely took this race by the scruff of its neck and never let it go. He drove a magnificent tactical race to outdo the Petro AMG Mercs the Williams and the Ferraris and won this race. Daniel Ricciardo is the future of F1 and all this talk and innuendoes back and forth about Lewis and Nico are doing nothing for F1 except detracting the positives that the new drivers are doing for F1 headed by Daniel Ricciardo.

    1. They’re not detracting from the positives at all, if anything its enhancing Ricciardo’s reputation that he just gets on with it.

      There are so many comments about the mercs because the formula one world championship is clearly more important than individual races, even when it’s at Spa.

      Everyone has been wax lyrical about Riccardo, so I wouldn’t worry about him not getting enough credit this season.

  10. I couldn’t pick between 7 and 8. 8 in the end. Was disappointed to see the Mercs not battle it out for more than a lap and a corner but we had an excellent race nonetheless, and a rookie holding off seven world championships. Excellent!

  11. Lots of drama on a proper track and another opportunity seized by Ricciardo, but not completely satisfying. Too many passes were set up by DRS or timing of stops or showbiz tyres, James Hunt’s comments about TV directors still apply, and it was at the mercy of the race engineers whether we got to see a race or not. At the end with Rosberg, we didn’t. 7

  12. We’ve really been spoilt this year, haven’t we? Yet another great race, and the sort of championship rivalry that comes along once in a generation. Whatever side you come down in the Nico/Lewis drama, this is undeniably a classic season.

  13. Great race, except for the Ferrari mechanics acting like pylons at the beginning of the race. How many ways could one of them have been hurt, or caused an avoidable crash. This is more of a story than the marshals on the track in Germany this year. This was way more dangerous, as cars were obviously accelerating on track . Whiting should have aborted the warmup lap and made Alonso start from the pit lane, in my opinion.

  14. Great race. RIC with great driving and speed. Rosberg made one costly mistake, but it was an racing incident. We all have seen Hamilton also done this. Bottas quick and safe as always. Kimi is back!?. Magnussen push Alonso to hard, but Alonso did not have the speed to pas him. Hamilton, maybe one of the fastest driver ever had a bad day on job. He must learn to be a team player, and take the excuses and complaining inside the team. He have always ending up in a dispute with his team and teammates.

    Rate 8/10.

  15. I rate 10/9. But I saw more exciting race on this track before.

  16. 2/10. Boring other than the scrap for 5th or whatever it was at the end. Denied a real race by Rosberg’s idiocy. Waste of time watching it.

    1. @f1bobby What a life you must have, only looking at the winners!

      1. Not sure what the link between quality of life and rating a race is but you’re the expert.

        I’d probably give it a 6 on reflection. It wasn’t the epic that some people have built it up to be.

        ROS taking out HAM was an anti-climax rather than adding anything to the race and between Rosberg having some debris flapping about in his face and that scrap at the end there wasn’t much to salivate over.

    2. Boring? There was some fantastic racing, even for the lead. Best bit was watching Alonso control his light steering through Radillion – awesome stuff.

  17. If Magnussen or next year Verstappen had done what Rosberg did, then we’d blast them damn rookies for a very clumsy incident, ruining some elses race and asking for points on their license or a penalty dor next race….

    Aside from that, the rest of the race was great and to me especially Bottas did well. Also hooray for Raikkonen! He needed this.

  18. I gave it a 4/10.

    While the racing itself was quite good, the whole Lewis/Nico thing left a bad taste in my mouth (I’m not a fan of either) and left me feeling disappointed that none of the coverage seemed to be more bothered about the contact between them two, then the race. I didn’t find that entertaining and it just left me more annoyed then entertained. Maybe that was more the fault of the BBC coverage then the racing itself, and I’m being harsh with the rating? I don’t know, just how I felt.

  19. Alonso was mind blowing today, i could have watched him through turn 5 onwards all day long.

    1. @dansus

      Rivage ?

      Absolute Monster through there, :) , he kept getting the door shut right in his face with his around the outside attempts, , he did supreme through there,
      Kimi did supreme as well getting it all together and finishing ahead of Fred
      I really hope the Kimster has a good run from here on,

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