Hulkenberg accepts blame for Massa crash

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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Nico Hulkenberg says he now agrees he was at fault in his collision with Felipe Massa during last weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix.

The Force India driver initially held Massa responsible for the crash, which put Hulkenberg out of the race, but has changed his view after studying a replay of the contact.

“Obviously I looked at the video footage and I think I probably should have given him a bit more room because he was on the inside,” said Hulkenberg in today’s FIA press conference. “I had some space on the right.”

“But you know visibility is also difficult when you’re alongside each other. I thought I was ahead enough but I wasn’t, clearly, in hindsight.”

Hulkenberg has been given a three-place grid penalty for this weekend’s race. “We take the penalty here but that’s behind us now,” he said, “we move on and make the best of this weekend.”

2015 Singapore Grand Prix

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    13 comments on “Hulkenberg accepts blame for Massa crash”

    1. Perhaps, some people who reacted in this topic will have to take their words back.

    2. Thumbs up for being so mature. Wish more drivers were able to think outside of their own bubble from time to time.

      1. Agreed however I still can’t help but view this as an ‘almost- racing incident’. Like, 60/40 fault hulk/massa. Massa drove to the apex of turn three awfully quick considering how tight on the inside he was, on cold tires, and given where hulk was… anyway, yes, good on Hulk for honest comments.

        1. Agreed on both counts.

        2. I agree with that assessment. Yes, Hulk agrees he could have given more space but also admits he thought he was ahead and visibility was an issue. Massa on the other hand will walk away thinking he had no fault whatsoever. With the speed he was caring and the angle approaching that corner, I think he would have clipped Hulk even with more space given. To me it’s clear from the first picture, his car is pointed straight and away from the appex, whereas Hulk’s car (see front tires) is pointed left nd towards the appex of that corner.

          1. And in that same photo it’s also clear Massa’s turning left. Well, attempting to anyway; the lock-up didn’t help much, even if it was on the supposedly unloaded tyre.

      2. Yes, I don’t think he’s too much in agreement with the stewards but there’s no point in dragging the debate on and on. Good on you Nico!

        1. @fixy not like Verstappen’s Monaco incident

      3. @nase I reckon Maldonado should learn from his former GP2 teammate. Great maturity from Hulkenburg though. Best way to be a fan favourite as well as a driver respected by all as well

    3. Well said.

    4. The first picture shows the situation perfectly going into the corner.

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