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Monza ‘closing on new seven-year F1 deal’

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In the round-up: Monza could be about to extend its deal to host the Italian Grand Prix.

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F1’s new superlicence system comes into effect this year and its full implications are still being realised.

The examples of Kyvat and Verstappen don’t support the suggestion that a ‘half-decent’ driver wouldn’t make it in F1. Neither of them were anywhere near being eligible for a superlicence on any version of the 2016 Superlicence system (for a start, neither has the “80% of two international racing seasons” that is a cornerstone of the criteria…), yet both seriously impressed on debut, and in Verstappen’s case got considered one of the best non-veteran drivers, despite neither driving notably better than they had in the junior series – where Kyvat took five seasons to produce a top three championship finish and Verstappen only managed third in European F3.

The new superlicense system doesn’t exclude anyone not talented enough to get in under the previous system. All it does is force people to spend at least twice as much to get there – disadvantaging talented drivers who happen not to be very well-connected (one already had to be pretty well-connected to get to F1) enough to get massive sponsorship sustained over a long time.

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Happy birthday to Cameron, Nano Rock, Sams, Ryan-Veitch and Euro Brun!

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Happy birthday to Eddie Cheever – the last American F1 driver to stand on the podium at his home race – who is 58 today.