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Pirelli thwart F1’s plans for faster cars in 2017

F1 Fanatic Round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

In the round-up: Pirelli has told teams it cannot build tyres which can sustain the increase in downforce necessary to slash lap times in 2017.

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James Hunt, McLaren M23, Mosport, 1976
The spectating experience has changed since Hunt’s day
A seasoned veteran of the stands compares the F1 experience of today with days of old:

Being a gentleman of a certain age I used to regularly go to Silverstone and once visited Brands Hatch (I joined the good-natured chanting for James Hunt to restart so you can work out how long ago that was!).

Practice days were also a regular feature and I used to get very excited at the sheer noise of Cosworths popping and banging, which you could always hear long before you got in place at the circuit. Paddock walkabouts were always an interesting feature and affordable as we used to buy tickets (possibly used) and then after our visit loiter at the foot of The Dunlop bridge and re-sell them for half price (or whatever)!

By comparison my last visit was to accompany a friend whose boss had bought a weekend package in a charity auction and nobody in his office wanted the tickets!! We sat in the stands at Woodcote and couldn’t hear the public announcer (we didn’t have any audio either), and didn’t keep lap charts.As a result we weren’t sure who had won until we left. I went home and watched the race on TV! Still watch every race and miss the atmosphere of the live event but don’t hanker after a race day visit.

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Happy birthday to Abdurahman and Brian Frank!

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Happy birthday to former F1 driver, Le Mans 24 Hours driver and FIA steward Emanuele Pirro who is 54 today.