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F1 considering two shorter races again

F1 Fanatic Round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

In the round-up: The Formula One Strategy Group has again raised the possibility of having two shorter races per weekend instead of one.

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Keke Rosberg, Williams, Dijon, 1982
Our reader was watching Rosberg at Dijon in 1982
A fascinating account of getting into F1 races in the early eighties:

In 1982, aged 16, I bought a ‘paddock pass’ for the Swiss Grand Prix in Dijon. I had access to everything but the pit lane during the whole week-end. After that, I was able to sell some pictures to Swiss magazines, including a nice one of Rosberg overtaking Prost that appeared in many papers and magazines.

I did the same during a couple of years, buying paddock passes and trying my best to work on my pictures, and in 1987 I began to cover F1 for a Swiss newspaper then in 1993 for the IndyCar magazine ICR. I had photos in annuals like the Automobile Year, and while, as you can see, my English writing is still pathetic, my photos gave me a lot of pleasure in F1 until the passion faded, a couple of years after Senna’s death.

All that was made possible with these expensive but very useful passes. And believe me, in 1982 drivers and team personnel (including Colin Chapman, who signed me half a dozen books in that Dijon race) were not mad about having non-pros in the inner sanctum.
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