Rio Haryanto, GP2, 2015

Haryanto’s F1 debut with Manor at risk over funds

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In the round-up: Rio Haryanto’s family is hoping for positive news from Manor about his chances of landing an F1 seat for 2016, despite falling short of raising the required funding.

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Is the rising number of driver penalties something that needs to be addressed?

We have a big rise in driver penalties and there must be a reason (or reasons).

First, the drivers are falling foul of the rules more often, either by pushing too far or maybe just not being able to operate within the rules due to their complexity.

Second, there are tighter rules now because of safety issues, past manipulation of situations by teams and drivers and also because rules tend to accumulate and get more complex over time.

Can we do anything about it? Clearly the answer is yes, but it would require a lot of bravery – a root and branch pruning back of the red tape; a move away from the micro-management built into some of the modern rules.

So who’s brave enough and powerful enough? Who could shake up the rule book like that? Not anyone currently in F1, I think. In other businesses, external “management consultants” would be used, people who can safely and expend-ably carry the can if it all goes horribly wrong.

We need to call in someone like Max Mosley, Ross Brawn, Martin Whitmarsh or maybe a driver like Alex Zanardi. But just one or two people, not a committee.

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Ferrari launched their 2015 F1 challenger on this day last year and set themselves a target of two grand prix victories. They went on to win three.