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F1 to scrap engine ‘token’ system next year

F1 Fanatic Round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

In the round-up: Formula One’s power unit ‘token’ system will be scrapped at the end of the year.

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A vote of confidence for Renault’s new man at the helm:

If anyone can lead this team to success, it’s Vasseur.

ART Grand Prix is a single-seater dynasty that he co-founded. He brought Hamilton, Rosberg, Hulkenberg, Bianchi, and Vandoorne to international prominence.

With the backing of Renault behind him, it may take time, but he can and will lead a winning team.

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Happy birthday to Mantas Degutis!

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McLaren staged an elaborate launch for their MP4-26 on this day five years ago in Berlin: