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In the round-up: Mercedes do not believe they are close to reaching the limit of performance from the current power units.

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Luca di Montezemolo attracted some criticism for his recent comments on Michael Schumacher’s condition:

I don’t know what Montezemolo’s intention is because it doesn’t make sense to tell such an unspecific information. Whatever his agenda, there is of course no entitlement for fans to know what his condition is. On the flip side there is also no entitlement for the Schumacher family not to be asked questions, and not to hear many speculations about his condition especially due to the lack of their information policy.

I think it is a give and take. A little more information would not hurt in my opinion, it definitely would shut up a lot of speculation, and there is no reason to believe that the media would ask and annoy more when there is at least some truthful information than none at all.

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Robert Kubica suffered his terrible rally crash on this day five years ago: