Pascal Wehrlein, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2015

Manor ‘to announce Wehrlein soon’

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In the round-up: DTM champion and Mercedes reserve driver Pascal Wehrlein will soon be announced as the first of Manor’s drivers for the upcoming season according to a report in Germany.

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Jean Todt believes it is wrong to single out F1 for criticism about domination by one competitor making it boring, but @Todfod argues the way in which that domination happens is key:

Motorsport combines the abilities of man versus engineering excellence in machinery. Fortunately or Unfortunately, it’s 80-90% machine’s performance versus 10-20% the ability of the driver that counts.

The problem is that humans want to look at other fellow human beings as champions, and not a piece of machinery. Can you imagine crowds of people showing up at Wimbledon cheering for Head, Wilson and Babolat tennis racquets? Could you imagine Andrew Murray dominating tennis because he had a Head racquet that no one else on earth possessed? Could you imagine how frustrating it would be if Roger Federer played his heart out every match, only to lose out because his Wilson couldn’t generate as much power compared to his opponent’s racquet? A situation like that would be the end of the sport forever.

To get back to Todt’s statement. Formula One domination is different from every other sport. If the cars were more evenly matched, and then we had one particular driver dominating, it wouldn’t hurt the sport. But if it’s a piece of machinery dominating, then that spells problems due to the inherent nature of sport.

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