Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Yas Marina, 2015

Ferrari going ‘radical’ with 2016 power unit

F1 Fanatic Round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

In the round-up: Big changes are afoot for Ferrari’s 2016 power unit.

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Pascal Wehrlein, Mercedes, DTM, Hockenheimring, 2015
Wehrlein delivered in the DTM
The DTM may be an unusual route to F1, but Jack is impressed with Wehrlein’s credentials:

I’ve watched all three of his seasons in DTM, he is an excellent driver, though the DTM is hard to judge.

The whole grid is generally within 1.5 seconds, meaning championships are won on consistency over sheer mass of wins. He’s extremely calm behind the wheel, lending itself to this consistency. Last year he was by far the highest placed Mercedes driver, second highest, interestingly, was Paul di Resta.
Jack (@Jmc200)


Scott Dixon, Ganassi, 2016
Scott Dixon, Ganassi, 2016

Scott Dixon will use this retro Ganassi livery on his car in this year’s IndyCar championship, as used by Alex Zanardi when he won the title 20 years ago.

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Happy birthday to 1964 world champion and multiple motor cycling world champion John Surtees who is 82 today.