Daniil Kvyat, Red Bull, Albert Park, 2015

DRS and quiet engines bad for F1 – Heidfeld

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In the round-up: Nick Heidfeld says F1 engines need to be louder and DRS has made overtaking “too artificial”.

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A very good reason to keep Monza on the F1 calendar which isn’t to do with the sport’s heritage or the race’s atmosphere:

I think Monza should stay because of many reasons but also simply because there is no track like Monza on the calender now. Imola and Mugello are fun tracks but we’ve got comparable ones across the calender. Monza is the one time they really go with almost zero wing and it is part of a good variety of tracks a Formula One car should race on. That being said, if Germany cannot host a race I’m very happy to welcome F1 at Mugello, but not at the expense of Monza.

I hope Monza is at least there for the future generations to enjoy and I still owe it a visit. One can only wonder how it will look like when they unlock the full power of these engines but then no longer have a track like Monza to really test them.
PorscheF1 (@Xtwl)

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Tragic F1 racers Ricardo Rodriguez – one of the brothers the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is named after – and Ronnie Peterson were born on this day in 1942 and 1944 respectively.