Rio Haryanto, GP2, 2015

Final F1 seat for 2016 to go to Haryanto

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In the round-up: Rio Haryanto is set to be confirmed as Pascal Wehrlein’s team mate at Manor for 2016.

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Has Sebastian Vettel hit upon in important factor in F1’s declining popularity by pointing out how complicated it has become?

Formula One is far too complicated. Try and explain the 2016 tyre regulation to any casual or someone who isn’t a fan of the sport. With every regulation change the sport has gone through since 2010, F1 has proved nothing other than the fact that it is run by absolute idiots.

There’s a good reason to why simple sports (football, basketball) who have rules that can easily be explained to anyone are so popular and appease to such an large global audience.

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Williams launched their Honda-powered FW11 on this day 30 years ago. The team won the constructors’ championship that year but drivers Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet narrowly lost the championship to Alain Prost.