Ferrari SF-16H, 2016

Major changes on “ambitious” new Ferrari

2016 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Ferrari’s new SF16-H features new aerodynamic and suspension philosophies as well as a substantially revised power unit according to its designers.

Power unit chief Matteo Binotto said the team has prioritised improving its packaging and combustion.

“We have tried to compact it in order to have a positive impact on aerodynamics,” said Binotto. “The car is tighter and narrower compared to last year. We tried to move all the accessories.”

“But we did not work only on architecture, we tried to improve combustion for example, inlet aspiration and also the turbo. This is the first step compared to the past, a step forward, so we have made important technical choices and innovative choices.”

The changes to the SF16-H are more visible at the front of the car, which has a much shorter nose and revised suspension.

Chief designer Simone Resta described the overall philosophy as “very, very ambitious”.

“This level [of the nose] is higher so the air flows different to last year,” he said. “That is very important because it has a positive impact on aerodynamics.”

“Also, after four years of pull-rod, we have changed and now we have front suspension with push-rod. The weight is better and it is a step forwards compared to last year and the previous models.”

“Another important part are the sidepods. The radiators are different – and we have tried to take advantage with the cooling systems.”

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