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Red Bull will benefit from new tyre rules – Newey

2016 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Red Bull can take advantage of F1’s new tyre rules because it can make better use of softer compounds, according to Adrian Newey.

Teams are being given greater freedom to decide which tyres they can use at each race and a new ultra-soft compound will be used at some events. Red Bull’s chief technical officer believes this will play into their hands.

“We are quite kind on the tyres,” said Newey, “we suffer less from degradation than our rivals so it’s an extra area that hopefully we can use the performance of the car to benefit from.”

Red Bull’s 2016 season preparation were affected by the long-running dispute over which engine manufacturer would supply it. “Ultimately the decision was to stick with the same power unit we had last year,” said Newey, “which did help to catch time back up because we didn’t have a familiarisation period with a new power unit and the installation requirements that would have caused or challenged, etc…”

“We did what we could in terms of the packaging of the car without knowing the power unit but ultimately it led to a very compressed design cycle. I think the guys, the drawing office in particular, did a fantastic job in turning that around and then manufacturing, reacting to a very short lead time.”

Red Bull revealed a new livery for its 2016 car on Wednesday and the RB12 will appear for the first time in testing on Monday, to be driven by Daniel Ricciardo.

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