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FIA to do away with ‘designed to degrade’ tyres

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In the round-up: The FIA will request Pirelli produces high-performance tyres for F1 from next year, bringing a six-year spell of ‘designed to degrade’ tyres to an end.

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Bernie Ecclestone’s ‘time ballast’ idea gets a big thumbs-down:

I think the ‘ballast for winning’ idea is simply an excuse for badly managing the series. F1 is the premier open wheel motor racing series, and so handicapping should be considered an anathema. Every car that is on the starting grid should have the same rules to comply with, and if one car wins all the time, so be it, at least the result is honest.

The fact is Mercedes won last year because they had the fastest car, it wasn’t their fault that others couldn’t catch up, it was the fault of others. Whether that is the other teams fault or the FIA’s token system is another matter, the fact remains Mercedes should present the best car they can make at a race, and that is exactly what they did, it is the fault of others if other teams can’t do the same.

All a handicapping system will do is force Mercedes to make their best car, and then tune it down so it is just faster than the competition. In the end you’d end up with rigged races and a rigged championship.
Stephen Crowsen (@Drycrust)

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