Compare Sauber’s new C35 with their 2015 car

2016 F1 season

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The first pictures of Sauber’s C35 have been revealed by the team.

See what changes the team has made for its 2016 design with these interactive images.

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2016 Sauber C35 and 2015 Sauber C34: Side view

2016 Sauber C35 and 2015 Sauber C34: Top view

Sauber C35, 2016
Sauber C34, 2015

2016 Sauber C35 and 2015 Sauber C34: Front view

Sauber C35, 2016
Sauber C34, 2015

2016 F1 season

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12 comments on “Compare Sauber’s new C35 with their 2015 car”

  1. Possibly the least changed car over the winter.

    Weird to see them use the Y-pylon on the rear wing. Are they the only team using it nowadays? they all seem to follow last year’s Toro Rosso version with the pylon going through the exhaust.

    1. There’s a quite few more who have the Y-pylon, or at least they had it for the first test (Williams, pretty sure Mercedes itself and I think Red Bull are prime examples).

    2. There are as many changes in the car aero than on the paint job. I don’t understand how Monisha can speak of improvement with such philosophy. Okay, F1 is about tiny modification and refinement, but don’t try to make me believe they were that close to a real beast of a car…

    3. – Possibly the least changed car over the winter.

      On the contrary, I think the new Saucer has received qulte a reasonable amount of changes, at least on the outside.
      The front and rear wings have definitely been upgraded with the most obvious on the front being the disappearance of the bulky ugly nose they ran last year and numerous aerodynamic features on the front as well.
      The side pods certainly have newly designed air intakes which is quite different from last year’s.
      I am not so good on technical analysis of F1 cars but at least I can see some external changes made for aerodynamic reasons on the new car.
      Of course they could have done a lot more but Sauber has been struggling financially as most of us here are aware of.
      Here is to wishing Sauber a successful 2016 F1 season!

      1. I’m assuming that switching ‘Sauber’ for ‘Saucer’ was an auto-correct mistake and a pretty great one too!!

  2. Why’ve they put all the sponsors on the rear wing where nobody can see them?

    1. Cause that’s all they could afford to be placed lol

  3. Looks much tighter at the rear

  4. They have a yellow mirror now

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      29th February 2016, 18:33

      @malik – Nope – they raced with yellow mirrors last year. It’s slightly tighter at the rear but that’s about it! A few extra details on the front and rear wing…

  5. It’s a nicer blue.

    There are a ton of little changes, but it feels very much to me like the updates are limited in scope at least.

    Maybe they are working with an eye on next year?

  6. Wow, the work went into the changes is clearly visible in the side view.

    They knocked the glass wall down in the background and put in a real wall with windows.

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