Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Circuit de Catalunya, 2016

Alonso saddened by state of F1, Hamilton admits it’s ‘broken’

F1 Fanatic Round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

In the round-up: Two F1 world champions have made frank admissions about the increasingly dire state the sport is in.

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It’s been an encouraging start to testing for Manor:

I’m really impressed by the amount Manor seems to have progressed. Regardless of what tyre they were running, a 6.2 second improvement over last year’s race weekend when most teams have made gains of around three seconds is quite outstanding and hopefully a sign of some good things to come.

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Today in 1986 Ivan Capelli won the second round of the Formula 3000 championship at Vallelunga.

Today is also 80 years since Jim Clark was born.