Renault, Albert Park, 2016

Renault won’t ‘foot the whole bill’ for F1 team

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In the round-up: Renault’s chief technical officer Bob Bell says Renault expects its F1 teams to attract income to supplement its budget.

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There were many inspired attempts at translating Alonso’s all-emoji tweet (see yesterday’s round-up). Neil’s was the funniest:

Fly to circuit. Do lots of practice laps, which are boring – you can’t really do anything interesting. Take sleeping pills, wake up when alarm goes off feeling like a monkey with a sore head. Wait until feeling wide awake, then go to gym for a bit.

Then elimination qualifying starts and no one has a clue what’s happening. Lots of times are set. Lots of people fall asleep because it’s boring. Car gets some medicine because it made it through Q1, people still looking but none of them like the format. Distribute Prozac to the crowd, and they all perk up. The cars go into parc ferme and no one is allowed to do anything with them.

From a random sample of eight fans, three are asleep, two are still watching and three are really unhappy with what they just saw. More sleeping pills, then the race the next day. Manage six laps before the car breaks down. No bikes for a lift back to the pits, and can’t walk back because it broke down on the outside of the track. Go to the gym. Run out of characters.
Neil (@Neilosjames)

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