Ricciardo: “We threw the win away”

2016 Spanish Grand Prix

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A disappointed Daniel Ricciardo said a tactical error ruined his chances of victory in the Spanish Grand Prix.

Ricciardo took the lead at the start of the race and was still ahead with 23 laps to go when he made his final pit stop. But a switch to a three-stop strategy dropped him to fourth place, where he finished.

Speaking to reporters after the race Ricciardo said missing out on the podium after such a strong early showing was “the biggest disappointment today”.

“We were leading and it was there for us,” said Ricciardo. “Mercedes had their mistakes on lap one and the race was in our hands.”

Ricciardo identified the switch to a three-stop strategy as the decision which cost him the win.

“We were leading and we went to a three-stop strategy. When you get into a three-stop… we did it too late as well, Seb already jumped us so then not only required to pass Seb but pass three cars on-track when we know we’re down on speed and it’s a hard track to pass.”

The tactical change “just didn’t make sense”, Ricciardo said. “I thought at the time we did it, it’s because everyone else is going to do it. But it’s frustrating, I think we just threw the win away today.”

“I don’t understand why I was the one,” he added. “Normally the guy in the lead gets the better strategy.”

Ricciardo’s woes were compounded by a puncture late in the race, though it did not cost him another position. He said the puncture, his second in three races, was not caused by contact.

“Unlike probably 99% of drivers on the grid I actually tried to make an overtake,” said Ricciardo. “A lot of them are content sitting behind and not actually having a crack.”

“I tried a few times, didn’t work, but I wasn’t content sitting in fourth. Did it have anything to do with the puncture? I don’t think so. China, what was the puncture? I don’t know. Just a bit of – not that I really believe in luck – just a bit of crappy circumstances for now.”

Vettel complained on the radio about one of Ricciardo’s overtaking attempts, a view the Red Bull driver had little time for.

“Knowing we’re catching the cars in front and Seb was I guess in the way not only of the podium but of a potential win, of course I was going to try,” he said. “I gave it a go, apparently he said I was a bit aggressive on the radio. Typical.”

2016 Spanish Grand Prix

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    88 comments on “Ricciardo: “We threw the win away””

    1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
      15th May 2016, 18:23

      I really feel for the guy, he was much better today than just fourth place. The strategy call I think was a bit of a gamble; to split the strategies, and today it didn’t go his way. Doesn’t take away from what was a fantastic effort from him.

      1. I also feel sorry for Ricciardo. He deserved the victory as much as Verstappen. Raikkonen was decent, but Vettel was pretty ‘meh’ today. Ricciardo deserved at least second in this race. I’m not taking anything away from Verstappen though. That was still a great drive.

        1. Yeah, Vettel was meh for being faster than the RedBulls almost all race, finishing 3rd after starting 6th and fending off Ricciardo with 7 la older tires…yeah, meh… LOL

          1. Bultaco85, I wouldn’t say that going from 6th to 3rd was especially spectacular given he made up two of those positions by default when Rosberg and Hamilton retired, meaning he only made up one place through his performance on track.

            1. MG421982 (@)
              15th May 2016, 21:10

              Wow, since when losing 3 positions in a superior car became more valuable than gaining 1 position in an inferior car?!?!? I mean, we all saw the Quali, don’t we? I mean, we all saw RBR outqualifying Ferrari easily this time. Then, if Ferrari was faster in the race, which I think it was – slightly, then how can you say the slower car – RBR -, which finished 4th deserved to win?! It’s like saying RBR deserves to win the champs just because they won 1-2 races from the season. Come on…

            2. The Ferrari was indeed faster in the race and yet Ricciardo was driving around faster in his slower car. That’s what obviously makes him more deserving of the podium than Vettel

        2. Agree. Feel a little gutted for Ricciardo. He drove brilliantly all weekend, and definitely deserved the win. A very questionable strategy lost him not only the P1, but ridiculously enough, got him in P4 behind Vettel. Fair credit to Max as well, who also drove fantastically well all weekend, but I feel he lucked in to finishing in front of Ricciardo this weekend.

        3. MG421982 (@)
          15th May 2016, 21:18

          Yeah, right, Kimi “decent” and Vettel “meh” after they beat square and faire a faster car and almost beat the other faster car too! Everybody saw the Quali, no? RBR easily outqualified Ferrari, so we know which car was the faster one. I thought the heroes are the guys who prevail in the inferior machinery.

          1. Ferrari messed up in quali, they were faster than RB in practice and should have qualified in front.

            I would agree with people who say that both Ferrari drivers were unimpressive.

      2. @rocketpanda It was no gamble. Ferrari made a tactical blunder. It’s hard to overtake and there’s high degradation so to win you have to undercut. RB ensured they would win regardless of Ferrari’s choice of strategy by crucially pitting Verstappen before Raikkonen, as a result the leader at the time Ricciardo was sacrificed in order that Vettel was to be out of the picture as well, it may have worked but it was unlikely, Ferrari recognized the mistake with Vettel and undercut Ricciardo but it was clear that the early race for undercuts meant only the second group of ricciardo and Raikkonen were going to make their strategy work.

    2. Conspiracy: Red Bull used Ricciardo to force SV into the wrong strategy to get the perfect debut for their upcoming no 1 driver and favourite of Marko. ;)

      1. For sure elements of that happend, Vet and Ric, mirrored eachother on the “better” strategy, meanwhile “worse” strategy guys got P1 and 2.

      2. @unitedkingdomracing It’s not a conspiracy but I think it was nothing personal, if the race was a one stopper it would have made ric the winner, it was always going to favour the 2nd RB.

      3. To the Max !
        15th May 2016, 20:22

        Ricciardo was told to go faster because he was holding up Verstappen but he couldn’t, so he was called in (source : Verstappen after the race in an interview with Dutch television). That’s typical Red Bull, the fastest driver on track gets the advantage (in Sochi ’14 it was Ricciardo who was given the undercut too on Vettel because he was faster).

        Franz Tost had a disagreement with the engineer of Verstappen in Sochi ’16 also because they were setting up the car too much in race trim, and it seems at Red Bull they did something similar. You can sacrifice some qualifying speed to get more race pace by setting up the car differently.

      4. This was exactly the approach Redbull used to win their first championship, when Webber was brought in as a decoy to force Ferrari to follow. Ricciardo shouldn’t complain, this is the Redbull way.

        1. duncan idaho
          17th May 2016, 4:24


    3. For a guy that had blew off pirelli tyres the most in this season alone, i doubt he could make 2 stoppers work. Same as Vettel who couldn’t close on Kimi with much fresher tyre and admit he was suffering on the medium compound!!

      2 stoppers only becomes a better strategy when Max and Kimi stretch it out/

      Obviously no surprise with Kimi, we knew he is the master of stopping less ever since pirelli came into the sport.

      Max did seems like Kimi-esque

      1. Vettel didn´t have much fresher tires, because he put 7 lap used medium, only 2 lsps fresher that Kimi.

    4. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      15th May 2016, 18:28

      This does NOT bode well for Daniel at all unfortunately who qualified and drove phenomenally. Helmut’s body language at the end of the race said it all. This is almost the same thing that happened to Vettel when Daniel joined. Daniel won the 1st race and Vettel’s car was having all kings of bad luck just like Mark Webber had during their stint together. I would move quickly if I were Daniel before the year progresses and people forget that he should have won this one…

      He could easily turn into the next Mark Webber and it’s debatable if that hadn’t happened before the race today. After the race, you can flip a coin and it would tilt in Max’s favor. Move, Move, Move. In F1 if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.

      1. Exactly, I can see them swap Riciardo and Seinz before season ends… Especially if Max starts to win more often.

        Being #2 at RBR, is not a fate, that should befall Riciardo.

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          15th May 2016, 19:07

          @jureo I agree – if Vettel has proven one thing it’s that even winning 4 WDCs does not guarantee you being #1 at RBR. If I were Sainz, I would also be looking out because he will suffer JEV’s fate or Mark Webber’s.

        2. @jureo, @freelittlebirds What’s so bad about Mark Webber his fate? I love the man and have been supporting him ever since 2002 but he was only rarely better than Vettel was. He did not have to suffer any fate, in comparison to all the heroes as of late his career might not be that brilliant but he still retired with 9 great wins and 40+ podiums and mind you 4 constructor world championships. After that he went on to become world champion in arguably the next best thing. Sainz or Vergne would praise themselves lucky if they had such bright futures in store.

          In todays scene that is F1 there’s only a few that can win, look at Ricciardo himself who hasn’t looked like winning another race since Spa 2014 untill today.

          1. Recently RBR seems to dump their not #1 star talent. Webber had a good time. List of ex RB drivers is long, and they are gennerally good like Buemi and now Webber in WEC…

            But of fate I say while in Red Bull Mark was less favoured than Vettel, the moment Vettel became faster.

            Mercedes for example didnt throw Nico in unfavour quite so much when Lewis was faster.

            Red Bull has a brutal way with drivers…

        3. Ha!! They are going to swap ric because of a bad pit call…

        4. Dumping RIC for Sainz?? DREAMING!

          Verstappen had a good race but only won due to luck of strategy and the track layout that basically prevents overtaking.

          You will not see Verstappen in front of Ricciardo too often.

          Don’t buy into the hype – Verstappen is still overrated as far as I’m concerned.

    5. Ricc… You screwed your own race by attacking vettel too early.. If you both are closing the gap qith 1st and 2nd…incredibly fast why start attacking so early?? The gap dropped from 7 to 4 in 2 laps..is common sense when the attacking/defending game start.. Both driver go slower than if you’re trying to use the ideal line…

      1. What are you talking about? Vettel closing the gap? It never happened.
        His tyres were just about 5 ou 6 laps fresher than Kimi’s.

        And another thing : if he went for it too early and didn’t make it stick, it wouldn’t happen later either.

        1. You didnt see the race didn’t pay attention to the gaps… Vettel started to save his tires, ricc got close to 1sec.. Vettel start to push… The gap between seb and kimi was 7 seconds… When the started to push in 2 laps and a half.. Was 3.9 or 4sec…ricci make his failed dive 2 or 3 times.. Making vettel defend.. Both driver now go slower and the gap in not even half lap.. Increase to 5.6 sec or more… I ll keep saying.. Ricc attacked too early

          1. Ric did the best he could under circumstances. Ferrari was way better on tire life, he knew to attack early and almost made it.

            Kimi on the other hand waited to long and Verstappen made no mistake.

            All positions were earned on strategy, Riciardo did the most to change the outcome of strategy race.

    6. I think the strategy made sense, but it did force max and kimi to do a two stopper which actually turned out really wel. I don’t think anyone could have suspected both could do 30+ laps on mediums and keep vettel behind.

      1. Max already showed how long he can drive an mediums in Sotchi. So it was a strategy that was logical for him.
        Riciardo couldn’t pull away from max and the Ferrari early on. That made Riciardo chose another strategy. and it didn’t work.
        Max will set a new standard for tire management.

        1. Sotchi and this track are in no way whatsoever comparable.

          1. To the Max !
            15th May 2016, 21:40

            And the STR11 and RB12 aren’t too. The RB12 is build to be very gentle on the tires unlike the STR11.

    7. Well suspect strategy call from Redbull….. Nice for Riccardo to win but would never make as many inches as Verstappen…. Neither are in the hunt for WDC so no problems for RB – I must say though wether today or another time MV would win a race! Good on him but another black mark against RB for me along with all the wingeing for not winning!

    8. “I gave it a go, apparently he said I was a bit aggressive on the radio. Typical.”

      A bit is an understatement. And I agree with Vettel. One of these days these amateurish last second dive bombs is going to get someone hurt. Or worse.

      1. Completely agree, Ricciardo got used to do these moves when he has nothing to lose.
        He was 0.3s behind when he dive bombed Vettel, he would never do that pass, luckily for him Vettel is by far more inteligent and saw it coming.

      2. Vettel was doing much of the same stuff on China. He even damaged two front wings doing it. But when he is the one in front, it’s wrong. lol

        He probably wanted Ricciardo to overtake him “by the book”. And that wasn’t going to happen. That straight isn’t long enough.

        1. There’s a difference between clashing with someone in a corner and divebombing without a chance to make the corner.
          The first is something we like to see, the latter is just amateurish and results in big crashes.

          If Vettel had turned into the corner they would have crashed out similar to Raikkonen and Bottas in Russia last year. Nobody praised that move did they?

      3. I agree
        Last year in Hungary similar move destroyed Rosberg’s race

        1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
          15th May 2016, 19:39

          @malik right. And Also doing that, Ric blocked his tyres twice. I know the puncture was rear, but blocking was his Daniel’s choice, nobody else.
          I would also say “Typical”. Ricciardo things divebombing gives him the right to claim the race line, but as you say, damaging Rosberg’s race was Ric’s fault.

      4. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        15th May 2016, 19:32

        @Baron he’s the only one that tried and that’s all that matters as far as anyone is concerned.

        1. @freelittlebirds

          It isn’t about trying. It’s about the execution. He locked up and went completely off track. So he would have never made the corner. If Vettel hadn’t dodged Ricciardo’s kamikaze divebomb they would have both crashed off.

          This was just as poor an attempt as Raikkonen’s on Bottas in Sochi last year.

      5. If there had been gravel at the outside of turn 1, Ricciardo wouldn’t have finished the race. Vettel had every right to complain about Ricciardo’s ‘overtaking attempt’.

      6. VET complains about everything..Ric’s moved was wait he is being paid for.ffs

      7. … And if you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver because we are competing, we are competing to win.

    9. You mad bro? Closin’ on Vettel at the speed of light and not being able to overtake. Your last stint was overlimit, simple as that.

      1. “Closin’ on Vettel at the speed of light and not being able to overtake.”@antoine-de-paris

        red bull tag/renault is 10kph slower down the straights compared to the ferrari & aside from monaco this is the hardest track to overtake on. i dont see why red bull even thought he’d be able to overtake anyone given the relative parity of tyre life/compounds along with there speed deficit.

        they decided to rob daniel to gift max the win, simple as that!

        1. Actually, the straight-line speed of the RB was quite good here. Max was quicker than both Mercs and Ferraris through the speedtrap in qualy and only 3 kph slower than Kimi in the race.

          1. To the Max !
            15th May 2016, 21:49

            Verstappen was running a lower downforce set up. You can see the difference in the sector speeds of Ricciardo and Verstappen in qualifying.

    10. pretty clear that red bull changed the strategy to gift max the win.

      nothing against max who drove a good race but it was a gifted win by a team desperate to justify its actions in putting him in the car, they saw an opportunity to give him a win & decided to take it away from daniel. disgraceful!

      1. Oh come on. The swap was already fully justified when Verstappen was just as fast in the first stint and closed a gap of four seconds in the second.

        This was a strategy call that didn’t work out. Happened before, will happen again.

        1. @mattds

          closed a gap of four seconds in the second

          It was a lot less than that:


          And it seems most of what he gained was because of Haryanto:


          1. @keithcollantine no Keith, actually it was more than that. You’re looking at the first time they crossed the line again, but there is almost a whole lap before that which you don’t take into account.

            The first readings after Verstappen came out the pit actually show him 4.760s behind Ricciardo. Verstappen then gained a tenth or two in the first sector, and 9 tenths in S2 and S3.

            Now the lap before that Ricciardo had pitted and didn’t have the Manor in front yet. Ricciardo set purple S2 and S3. As proof of Verstappens speed, just one lap later Verstappen set purple S2 and S3 which were, combined, 5 tenths faster than those of an unhindered Ricciardo the lap before.

            Source: the official live timing.

      2. So you think that Ferrari favored Kimi by giving him the better strategy !!

      3. I disagree. I think that if Ricciardo had of managed to stay in front of Vettel, he would have ended up winning the race. His late race pace was about a second a lap faster than Max.

        1. Yep being in front was the key factor on this track, worn tyres or not..gaps were changing every where BUT overtaking near impossible ..Seb And Ric should feel bitter..Ric more so, because he was robbed of the win.

    11. From my seat, Verstappen had better pace and Ricciardo was running out of tyres. He needed three stops otherwise he was going to run out of performance on track. His divebomb on Vettel was racing, Vettel was smart enough to keep out of the way, although RIC’s return to the track was too aggressive (just like when he hit Rosberg at Hungary last year).

      Vettel’s strategy was the dumbest of the lot. That short middle stint was a waste of time and rubber and lost him track position without any tyre advantage.

      1. Agreed. Every time Max was behind, he was catching up to Dan, their relative positions in the first 2/3 of the race was all down to qualifying. In this race at least, Max looked faster overall. And this is coming from someone who’d be much happier with a Riccardo win.

        As a big fan of #3, I hope he starts looking at other teams now. RB have found their next Vettel and I don’t want to see Mark Webber’s career being repeated here.

      2. It seemed as if Verstappen was faster than Ricciardo in the second stint on mediums. Ricciardo then pitted to cover an undercut from Vettel, but I don’t think it was a good idea to put him on soft tires, as the softs were very vulnerable (they didn’t last much more than 10 laps). Vettel pitted in the next lap and then ran a very short stint on softs to undercut Ricciardo in the last round of pitstops. Ricciardo was very annoyed with that, but that early pitstop also ruined Vettel’s race, as he pitted only one lap after Räikkönen. He never came close to his teammate again and he was attacked by Ricciardo in the final stage of the race, so Ferrari sacrificed Vettel’s strategy to keep Ricciardo behind. In the end Ricciardo was the loser of a very interesting strategic chessgame.

    12. Andre Furtado
      15th May 2016, 19:14

      I think both Ricardo and vettel were given next strategies. But sadly they couldn’t make it work. Max and kimi were strong this weekend.

      1. Andre Furtado
        15th May 2016, 19:14


    13. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      15th May 2016, 19:34

      “I thought at the time we did it, it’s because everyone else is going to do it. But it’s frustrating, I think we just threw the win away today.”

      “I don’t understand why I was the one,” he added. “Normally the guy in the lead gets the better strategy.”

      I think this line says it all.

      “Unlike probably 99% of drivers on the grid I actually tried to make an overtake,” said Ricciardo. “A lot of them are content sitting behind and not actually having a crack.”

      That’s very true – he was the only one who tried to make a pass and made it stick for 1 turn…

      1. Except for Verstappen who overtook Vettel round the outside in T3 and actually made it stick.

        1. Yes and that was a good pass.

          However, thinking that negates his point would be to significantly over simplify it.

          1. @mike he states Ricciardo was the only one to make a pass and make it such for one turn.

            My reply fully negates that. It is that simple, isn’t it?

            1. @mattds

              I think it is reasonable to give a bit of lee way and understand that he meant, it’s very, very, very hard to pass.

              Just, read his comment as he meant it.

    14. Oooh a bit snippy from the smiling assassin today! Must admit at the time I thought the long final stint on mediums wasn’t going to work for Kimi and Max.

      1. Big gamble. It might have worked if Ric had not lost so much time (and tyre life) trying to overtake Seb and if Max’s and Kimi’s tyres had worn out faster. Now with 20/20 hindsight everybody can see it was a mistake and a victory throwaway.

        Ric deserved the victory today. The Merc shunt and RB’s strategic mistake with Ric gifted the victory to Max though. Well, Max had a chance and seized it, well done. Now everybody seems to think he’s the vest since Nuvolari. Well, he maybe champion some day. At least he’s got the champion’s luck. In spades.

    15. Thanks, Daniel! A real racer in the pack of drivers. Your move on Vettel made this race somewhat watchable after mercs crashed. Glad someome still has the balls to overtake and not to follow the train of content. What an awful track. Another boring procession in Monaco awaits.

      1. petebaldwin (@)
        16th May 2016, 10:45

        @robo – So you’re calling that race a “boring procession?” The Spanish GP? The F1 race that happened this weekend? 2016? Or have I misunderstood?

        If anyone watched that race this weekend and found it boring and processional, I’m not sure watching F1 is the right thing to spend your weekends doing! It’d be like watching golf and saying it was boring because there weren’t enough explosions – I’m not sure you’re ever going to get what you want!

    16. In hindsight the 2 stopper looks like the best strategy but during the race a 2 stopper with the final from lap 34 to 66 seemed rather impossible since the projected tyre life was only about 25 laps….

      Both RIC and VET were on schedule to be way faster towards the end and by a large enough margin to actually make a pass on trac
      VET however wasnt quick enough towards the end (Im completely in the dark about the reasons why tbh) and that held up RIC.

      If RIC would have been in front of VET after their respective final stops, he would have had a real chance to win. However, he wasn’t infront of VET and lost too much time fighting VET (unsuccesfully at that unfortunately) ánd both RAI and VES managed to get their tyres to the end surisingly well. .

      The 3 stopper looked the faster strategy before hand and RBR ánd Ferrari gave that to their front running drivers. In hindsight it worked out differently. That was all really

      For VES at 18 to make a 2 stopper work while holding off an experienced world champion in DRS range is no mean feat imho

    17. Lee Porcelli
      16th May 2016, 0:56

      Marko must be Daniels new stratigest. It’s a bad track for overtaking / 1 corner only.Why 3 stop at this track. You don’t need hindsight just the correct call for the leading team car. Feel gutted for Daniel.Good on him for having a go and not playing follow the leader. A younger Seb would have gone for it if memory serves me correct.

      1. You know what, if they had put Ricciardo on the two-stopper and he’d had the puncture, we wouldn’t hear the end about how he was shafted by RBR because of such a risky strategy that meant the tires would be well over the protected tire life, while being vulnerable on worn tires against three-stoppers on fresh fast tires, which was the protected fastest strategy pre-race.

        Why 3-stop? Why did Alonso 4-stop and won a few years ago?

    18. A terrible strategy for a track that greatly rewards track position. An absolute error.

      I think it’s a pity because he was surely on course to win. Maybe the puncture would have scuppered that but likewise, it might not have happened at all.

    19. If the two stoppers ran into degradation trouble a few laps from the end DR would be praising the strategy.

      1. duncan idaho
        17th May 2016, 7:34

        He would have but they didn’t.
        RB brains trust surprised by a medium lasting 30% more than Pirelli’s recommended distance? Seems unlikely.

    20. Verstappen says he felt that he was faster than Ricciardo and told the team that, team asked Ricciardo if he could go faster and he said he couldn’t, so Max decided to stick to two stops and Ricciardo went to three. That’s his side of the story, anyway. Which would at least suggest he was on par with Ricciardo and might even have caught him if they had stayed on similar strategies, so not a case of Ricciardo robbed of a certain win by bad strategy calls.

      1. duncan idaho
        17th May 2016, 23:57

        ” Which would at least suggest he was on par with Ricciardo and might even have caught him if they had stayed on similar strategies, so not a case of Ricciardo robbed of a certain win by bad strategy calls.”
        Even given the earlier assertions this more likely to be correct if the “not” is excluded.

    21. Verstappen didnt deserve the win, he was just the luckiest guy in the world, the 2 leaders colliding, then the other 2 leaders getting wrong strategies, and then a circuit where overtaking is impossible. All the luck in the world i doubt he will win another race in the year. Is more i bet he wont win more in all the year. And he will find very hard to enter in podiums.

      1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        16th May 2016, 14:25

        @alex That’s an interesting point of view – I’m surprised that I had to read 10,000 comments to find it cause it’s the undeniable truth. Marko’s body language at the end was very alarming for the races to come. That’s what it might come down to at the end. As we saw with Vettel, it’ll be easy for Verstappen to defend against a charging teammate within a team. For some reason, luck tends to favor the favorite .

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          16th May 2016, 14:28

          Second last sentence was incorrect – it’ll not be easy for Ricciardo to defend against a charging teammate within a team. If Vettel couldn’t do it after 9 victories, I don’t think Ricciardo can pull it off.

      2. So how long have you been here being the enemy of everyone?

      3. “VersTAppen DiDnT deSERVE ThE Win, he waS JUst tHE luCKIESt GUy in THE WoRld, tHE 2 LEAdErS cOLLIDING, thEn thE OThEr 2 LeaDErs GETtING wronG strATEGIES, ANd tHEN a CIrcuIt WHere ovErtaKinG Is IMPOSSiblE. alL THE lucK iN thE WOrlD I dOUBT hE WILl WIN anOThEr rAcE IN THE year. is MORe I bEt he WonT Win MORe iN ALl THE YeaR. and He will FInD VERY haRD TO eNteR iN POdiUms.”

    22. Thining about it now, if Ferrari didnt do their tactical blunder, Vettel would have won. He was going at it well, pited perfectly, for 2 stop strategy. Then from perfect 2 stop they reverted to 3 stop to cover Riciardo…. Before #2 pitstop he was on for a victory. He did his Verstappen undercut.. So Ferrari lost it on strategy.

      Kimi lost it on start.

      Daniel Riciardo then was a strategic sacrifice that gave Red Bull victory.

    23. Why was RIC so slow in his soft tyre stint, doing on 1: 30s ??

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