Perez says Force India didn’t expect to be so fast

2016 European Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez said his Force India team didn’t expect to be as competitive as they are in Baku after finishing second in qualifying.

“I think we were expecting ourselves to be strong around here but not that good,” he said. “To come away with P2 in this track, so easy to make a mistake, so easy to clip the wall and damage your car. Unfortunately it happened to me at the worst possible time in P3.”

Perez damaged is gearbox in the crash and has had to change it, giving him a five-place grid penalty. He praised his team for getting his car fixed in time for qualifying.

“The effort that the whole team has done, especially my boys today to put the car together, first of all to be able to make the qualifying,” he said.

“Obviously I’m a bit still angry from the mistake this morning. But very happy I think it’s a mix of feelings for me today.”

“I think the lap we put together in Q3 was very strong. It was a very difficult session for me because obviously there is not a lot of time, after a crash you lose some confidence and to get it back, to get in the rhythm again, was great. So very pleased with that and hopefully tomorrow we can do a lot of progress and aim for a very strong position.”

“I think definitely the team deserved more. Obviously with the penalty I’m starting seventh so I think the team deserves more than this and hopefully tomorrow we can put together a strong race.”

2016 European Grand Prix

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    13 comments on “Perez says Force India didn’t expect to be so fast”

    1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
      18th June 2016, 16:19

      Such a shame, a Force India in P2 would have been excellent. Regardless, get that man a Ferrari.

      1. He should be thankful for his mistake, because angriness ..if you can handle it well, can become extra power.

    2. Missed opportunity here for Hulkenberg. He should’ve been up there with Perez taking advantage of Hamilton’s problems. The Force India looked mighty all day, but only Perez delivered.

    3. Today Perez achieved the better result but I expect the Hulk to come back in the race.

      1. I am hugely disappointed with Hulk. Surely, anyone can make a mistake, but I feel that Hulk has completely lost his speed and stability. His best position in the race – 8th or 9th, not higher.

        1. Will be hard to overtake the Williams but he has good pace and will make it through the field. Check only 4 places in front, they might swap position right at the start.
          Hulk was stronger in qualifying all year but let down by strategy so no reason to praise Checo for his luck.

          1. Zomtec, Perez has out-qualified Hulkenberg more often than not this year (it is currently 5-3 in Perez’s favour), so I would disagree with that argument.

    4. To crash in P3 and come back strong like that should not go unnoticed not to mention he adapted well to the new circuit. Good job Perez.

    5. Even after his mistake in P3, he still manges to start in front of Hamilton. What a lad.

    6. What a huge missed opportunity for Force India and Perez to close the gap to Williams in constructors. Hulk missed his opportunity for podium once again.

      1. What are you talking about @illusive ? Points are awarded on sunday…
        I predict some safety car during the race.

        1. @x303 There’s only 1 slot for podium unless the 2 Mercedes crash out. Given the time difference between Mercedes and the rest of the field, Lewis would take 2nd place easily, unless he or Roseberg crash out. Which makes the next contender for the race either Williams or FI simply because their Mercedes PU superiority. FI showed they could challenge but Sergio’s penalty and Nico’s mistake cost them which makes the Williams who are ahead of the FI take the last podium, simply because it’d be tough to overtake a car with similar pace. Bottas clearly didn’t show his full potential so he’s likely to get another podium. RB and Ferrari doesn’t stand a chance unless like you said Safety Car.

          1. That all makes sense @illusive , but only on paper for now.
            I think there will be some crashes, a safety car (or more) and some strategic blunders (we are counting on you Williams F1). So I don’t think all will go according to plan (even if I roughly agree with it).

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