Ecclestone expects 18 races on 2017 F1 calendar

2017 F1 calendar

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Bernie Ecclestone has indicated the 2017 F1 calendar may feature just 18 races, down from this year’s 21.

Ecclestone expects the calendar to shrink
Formula One’s commercial boss has previously indicated grands prix in Canada, Italy and Germany are all under threat.

With time running out to secure deals for next season Ecclestone has told The Times the 2017 schedule “is more likely to be 18 races”.

There was no German round of the championship last year as the Nurburgring was unable to host the race it shares with the Hockenheimring, which F1 returns to next month.

Monza’s contract to host the Italian Grand Prix expires after this year’s race and no new deal is in place yet. This week the president of Italy’s Automobile Club indicated the race is unlikely to move to Imola due to new legislation.

Ecclestone has also been pushing for improvements to the paddock at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve which hosts Canada’s round of the world championship. During the Canadian Grand Prix weekend two weeks ago he cast doubt on whether the 2017 race would go ahead if changes were not made.

Every Formula One season since the 2009 championship has featured more than 18 races.

This year’s calendar features a record 21 grands prix. The length of the mandatory factory shutdown was revised in the 2016 regulations in order to accommodate more races.

2017 F1 season

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64 comments on “Ecclestone expects 18 races on 2017 F1 calendar”

  1. If only it were Azerbaijan, Abu Dhabi & Russia under threat.

    1. If it weren’t only all about money…

    2. Best comment I’ve read on here since I registered. Agree 1000%.

  2. Imola can host a Grand Prix of San Marino as it did in the past. Problem solved. :)

    1. Ahem:

      “This week the president of Italy’s Automobile Club indicated the race is unlikely to move to Imola due to new legislation.”

      1. He said Grand Prix “San Marino” not Italy.

        1. He did indeed, apologies. One should not comment on F1 articles while at work…

          1. That sounded like a public service announcement for kids!

      2. ColdFly F1 (@)
        23rd June 2016, 12:41

        Just to explain @geemac, the reference to ‘legislation’ is the following:
        “In the Italian financial law it is written that the grand prix should be Monza, not Imola” (Angelo Sticchi Damiani). Therefore, organising a San Marino GP could be a creative way to circumvent this.

        1. @coldfly I commented on this same issue yesterday. This isn’t a clever way to do anything. Unless someone puts up a whole lot of money for a San Marino Grand Prix or any other Grand Prix at Imola by any name it isn’t going to happen. The available funding in the financial law specifies funding for a Grand Prix at Monza and not for any Grand Prix at Imola regardless of what it is called. With funding for Monza and none for Imola it seems likely that there will either be a Grand Prix at Monza or nowhere in Italy.

          1. Well I hope they get it sorted as I was planning to attend Monza next year. Will not be happy if there is no Italian GP to attend when I am in Italy!

  3. 18 races and probably just 9 teams, two out of Sauber, Force India and Manor may leave. Well done Bernie. Well done! Slow clap

    1. More like 17 races and maybe 9 teams. If things don’t change the US GP will be off the calendar. The State of Texas is pulling the funding to the event because its not delivering the crowds Bernie had projected. The promoters had used those projections to get tourism dollars to support the Circuit of the America’s project and to subsidize the F1 fees. The race has been a money loser and without the state aid the promoters won’t keep holding the race.

  4. Because of course getting rid of 3 of the most popular and well attended Grand Prix would be a great idea.

    1. Unfortunately it’s got nothing to do with which tracks are popular when Bernie’s involved, it’s all to do with $$$$$

    2. petebaldwin (@)
      23rd June 2016, 15:31

      Those 3 tracks don’t make Bernie the most money.

    3. @zazeems, whilst the Canadian and Italian GP’s draw in fairly high crowds, the turnout for the German GP in recent years has been persistently falling for around a decade – back in 2014, I think that it had the second or third worst attendance figures in the entire calendar.

  5. I’d much rather see China, Abu Dhabi and Russia leave.

    I’d also want to see France, Portugal and Turkey come back

    1. Turkey had a great track but hardly anyone went to the GP’s there because the location of the track in relation to Istanbul was very bad. Personally I think those races you mentioned and Argentina should be on the calendar again.

    2. Why China? That track isn’t bad at all. Abu Dhabi and Russia are dreadful tracks indeed.
      Argentina and Turkey would be good substitutes.

      1. juampa_valve_rde
        24th June 2016, 3:09

        No FIA Grade 1 circuits here in Argentina mate :(. The most notable targets would be:
        – Termas de Rio Hondo, raced by WTCC, MotoGP, and national series, FIA Grade 2, nicely finished buy may be boring for F1 except for a couple of corners.
        – Potrero de los Funes, raced by FIA GT and national series, semi-permanent circuit, lot of fun to drive, long, FIA Grade 2, but a hard pill due to lack of development for tourism (lacks of hotels, airports, etc in proximity).
        – Buenos Aires Circuit Nº 6, hosted F1 at the 90s but is poorly mantained, last year not even suitable for national series, may be fixed for current or next year but miracles are not expected. Circuit Nº 12 is longer and has been used for GT in the past, has 2 long straights and a very fast flat out corner between them, with Baku like speeds. FIA Grade? haha

  6. Pity to lose any races but prefer to see Baku, Monaco and Russia go. Most boring races ive seen.

  7. So the 3 tracks that are under threat are some of the most iconic tracks of F1. Those tracks sell out unlike Azerbaijan or Abu Dhabi. What tracks are next Spa. Give France a race again

  8. Money, Money and more Money, but I guess he has to run a business somehow.

  9. Surprised Canada is on the list…they’ve said the changes will be made. I’m pretty confident there will be a Canadian GP.

    1. There ae some good tracks in Canada, mosport pops to mind, however they are not grade 1, I personally think a street circuit in downtown Toronto would be cool, howeer it probs wont happen

  10. Quite strange. Bernie obviously understands the concept of fixed versus variable cost. Are the variable costs of hosting Italy and Canada, with present sanction fees, greater than the incremental revenue? I would think not.

    1. No, not really, what Ecclestone understands is the ‘principal’ of fear….of ‘pressure’.
      Bernard Charles Ecclestone knows all about applying pressure. It’s why, in his late
      eighties he still has his hugely profitable job of making even more huge profits for
      his employers at CVC Capital Partners.
      First he submits next years massively inflated charges and demands to the struggling
      circuit owners. Then he asks the first time for a signature and the upfront millions.
      When the circuit owners do anything other than pay up without a word of protest,
      he goes straight to his tame journo’s and tells then that ‘we won’t be racing at…
      ( …write in the name of any historic F1 track vital to the future of F1 ) and the
      the pressure begins to build. The word gets around…lots of smoke and mirrors
      and eventually the circuit owners cave in ( or don’t ) and the world goes round
      and round…..

      What a fine, upstanding model of business ethics we have in dear old uncle Bernard !

      1. @loen Yeah I think that is probably pretty accurate. In the case of Canada though, articles here surrounding the race earlier this month implied that a long term contract is in place, that the money and the intention is there to do the upgrades required, and the only stumbling block has been disagreement between Montreal and FOM as to what/how the required changes should take place. ie. relatively minor issues. It’s not like Montreal is currently in the situation they have found themselves before, with BE requiring a big long term guarantee from all 3 levels of government. It’s changes to the buildings not the track as I understand it. Smoke and mirrors from BE, but then I note that there is very little actual verbiage from BE in terms of direct quotes, in the article above. Could be some spin from The Times too.

  11. The more I hear from him, the more I despise Bernie.

    He talks of the history of F1, wanting to take cars back in time, and other rules, yet doesn’t want them racing on the classic (read: popular and exciting) tracks.

    I would never wish for anyone to die, but I’m starting to think that F1 will improve immeasurably once he pops his clogs and someone else takes over. That’s if he hasn’t killed it off by then…

    1. Bernie is such a disgusting piece of rubbish and I would not feel sad AT ALL if he leaves the world.

      1. petebaldwin (@)
        23rd June 2016, 15:30

        They say if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all…. So all I will say about Bernie is:

    2. Bernie going won’t make a blind bit of difference while CVC own F1. They keep him there as he’s doing their bidding and making them a fortune. Once he’s gone, they’ll just get someone else (several people probably) to do the same.

  12. I am struggling with the cognitive dissonance of getting rid of Monza when (allegedly) F1 is nothing without Ferrari.

    This sort of utter contempt for the fans (not just from Bernie but the FIA) is what is putting me and my other half off F1. It’s like buying your wedding rings from Ratners’.

  13. David Atkins
    23rd June 2016, 13:41

    More smoke and mirrors from the greedy OAP

  14. Meanwhile Jean Totd is banging on that a future Le Mans 24 Hours/Formula 1 clash ‘impossible’ to avoid.
    Not if Berny is axing events left, right and centre!

    Honestly thought, I expect Canada and Italy to be on the calendar next year as why would Berny stop at 18 races paying him good money, when he could have that plus 2 more paying him there abouts acceptable money (my his standards). TV will want 20 races. Especially those who have already paid for 20.

  15. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
    23rd June 2016, 15:09

    I think the only explanation for Bernie’s doctrine in recent years is that he feels he is at a political advantage by alienating himself to the entire F1 community. I am not sure whether this because he enjoys alienation, or whether he enjoys the irony of the journalist’s likely enforced silence when he is quite unapologetically and proudly the festering abscess on F1’s face.

    The journalists will pipe up once he’s gone, but now they ignore the elephant in room, and justify Bernie’s absurdities with reference to his institutional status, for fear of cancelled paddock passes no doubt. But they should not be afraid; F1 has a bully that must be confronted, and despite the fact that, mother nature willing, he is not a long-term problem for F1, that does not excuse a tacit culture of media guardianship. In light of “Mosley-gate”, I would not have wished trial by media on anyone. I have changed my mind…

  16. I live in Montréal, and I’ve loved F1 since I was a child. But, I’d like to see F1 leave my city. Bernie seems to be targeting countries that have a history of corruption, human rights violations, extreme wealth disparity, or are tax havens for the rich, which really isn’t a group you’d want to be associated with. On top of that, the city, province and country are paying a massive amount to host the event (in addition to the cost of the proposed upgrades to buildings that are completely useless for the rest of the year), and the estimated return doesn’t even cover it. But, it gets worse. Some people in Montréal DO profit from the GP. A few already-rich people who own hotels and restaurants. The vast majority of tax-payers, who don’t even know what F1 is, just lose out. I think I speak for many of us here who would much rather see our tax dollars go towards helping the increasing homeless population. Besides, we’re Montréal. We could have just as a big of a party to celebrate something like ‘the anniversary of the invention of paint’, and wouldn’t have to pay $187-million for the ‘honor’ of hosting it.

  17. Lol, I will believe it, when I see it…

    Like you guys say, just pressure on the tracks.

  18. Its always about the money. Often the great traditional venues fall to the wayside of newer tracks that have little history. Abu Dhabi is one of the greatest F1 events because of its stunning visuals. Its history isn’t universally loved by fans but few venues have such a magnificent impact as this one for fans who follow F1 via TV. The future of the sport lies in direct correlation to fan interest but that means nothing when trumped by the all mighty dollar …

  19. So it’s almost a certainty…… 25 races next year with the 3 under threat being forced to pay more and 3 more corrupt dictatorships will have a race as well.

    Typical Bernie rubbish statements, just like Toto’s “the competitors are a threat” and Ron’s “we’ll be the next world champions”

  20. This is normal Bernie procedure for obtaining more funds from a GP.
    Quite frankly they should just say no to hiked fees like France did. Yes, they’ll lose their GP but surely it’s not financially viable to host a F1 race without government backing?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bernie has a check list of oil producing nations just ready for the next negotiations to replace them anyway.
    Out with Canada, Italy and Germany.
    In with Venezuela, Kazakhstan and Nigeria.

    1. I hope so.

      1. *I hope this is just the typical Bernie game

  21. If this is how it’s going to be, then maybe Ferrari should follow through their threat and leave F1 for the WEC for the 2019 season or something. F1 is dying a slow, painful death getting rid of 3 of its most well attended races and the 2 oldest races currently on the calendar. Maybe Monza and Montreal can host rounds of the WEC.

    This is not how a racing series should be run. The main perpetrators of this appalling farce is CVC and their results-based approach to running this sport. You can’t run F1 like a sales-driven business.

  22. I am not sure Ferrari would stand for Monza going. I think a lot of pressure might be applied from behind the scenes.

    1. That’s what I’ve been thinking since I heard Monza was under threat…that’s Italys Gp but 95% of the fans are cheering for the red cars which is a unique race weekend. Historic.

  23. Ross Trimboli (@)
    23rd June 2016, 23:24

    Please be Azerbaijan, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

    1. Pretty good choices, ‘cept they can afford to be Bernie’s new improved ‘traditional’ races. Extortion has a strong tradition in the FOM empire.

      With all the debt CVC have put F1 into, can only hope few to no teams sign on after 2020 and CVC can enjoy their time in debtor’s prison. That was once a strong tradition too.

  24. F1 Calendar is getting worse, only a British, Belgian, Monaco and Hungarian Grand Prix will take place in Europe by 2020. Venues such as Brazil will be replaced and Las Vegas, Chile, Venezuela and Africa will join. Bernie and CVC are killing F1 and it will be dead soon, no teams, no sponsors and no Live FTA TV from 2019.

    1. Las Vegas won’t join, and if it does it’ll be off the calendar within 3 years. The idea of having a road race on the strip of a few years ago will never work because the casinos won’t let the roads close for an F1 race. Too much casino money at stake and too little interest in F1 in that area to justify it. Las Vegas doesn’t need F1 for a draw and doesn’t want a draw that makes getting to the casino hard. Developers and casinos there are more interested in NFL, NHL, and other sports right now so F1 would have to be completely foreign investment and there’s no return in holding an F1 race any more from just the race tickets thanks to Bernie. It’d be a money loser so in the end it’ll never come together.

  25. What race track is doing well financially from an F1 deal? Seems to me Bernie is sucking them dry until they go bankrupt…

  26. This is what next year’s [2017] calendar should look like (provisionally):
    1. Australia, 26 March
    2. Bahrain, 9 April*
    3. China, 23 April
    4. Russia, 7 May
    5. Spain, 21 May
    6. Monaco, 4 June
    7. Canada, 18 June
    8. Europe, 25 June
    9. Austria, 9 July
    10. UK, 16 July
    11. Hungary, 30 July
    12. Germany, 6 August*
    13. Belgium, 3 September
    14. Italy, 10 September*
    15. Singapore, 24 September
    16. Malaysia, 8 October
    17. Japan, 15 October
    18. United States, 29 October
    19. Mexico, 5 November
    20. Brazil, 19 November
    21. Abu Dhabi, 3 December

    *contracted for 2016 but not 2017

    1. If next year’s calendar will feature 21 races then it would be better this way:
      1. Australia March 26
      2. Bahrain April 9
      3. China April 16
      4. Russia April 30
      5. Spain May 7
      6. Monaco May 21
      7. Canada June 4
      8. Azerbaijan June 18
      9. Austria June 25
      10. Britain July 9
      11. Hungary July 23
      12. Germany (Nurburgring/Hockenheim) July 30
      13. Belgium August 27
      14. Italy (Monza/Imola) September 3
      15. Singapore September 17
      16. Malaysia September 24/October 1
      17. Japan October 8
      18. USA October 22
      19. Mexico October 29
      20. Brazil November 12
      21. Abu Dhabi November 26

  27. I think that this is just classic Bernie. Trying to gain money bu threatening them in the media that they may lose their race. Italy will secure a race and Canada is one of the most loved races of the season. Germany will probably lose out as the Nurburgring is under financial trouble. I predict a 20 race calendar looking like this:

    26/03/17 – Australian GP
    02/03/17 – Chinese GP
    16/04/17 – Bahrain GP
    30/04/17 – Russian GP
    14/05/17 – Spanish GP
    28/05/17 – Monaco GP
    11/06/17 – European GP
    25/06/17 – Canadian GP
    09/07/17 – Austrian GP
    16/07/17 – British GP
    30/07/17 – Hungarian GP
    27/08/17 – Belgian GP
    03/09/17 – Italian GP
    17/09/17 – Singapore GP
    01/10/17 – Japanese GP
    08/10/17 – Malaysian GP
    22/10/17 – Mexican GP
    05/11/17 – US GP
    12/11/17 – Brazilian GP
    26/11/17 – Abu Dhabi GP

    This Calendar includes a few changes but misses controversial dates; Wimbledon and Le Mans (the main 2). It is aranged in a way that aids the European TV market – where most of the viewership comes from. I think that the Grand Prix distance should be lengthened to 200 miles or 320km from the current 190 miles or 306km (only by 2/3 laps at each circuit.

    1. Next year’s calendar with 20 races (Should only Germany drop out) would be better this way:
      1. Australia April 2
      2. China April 9
      3. Bahrain April 23
      4. Russia April 30
      5. Spain May 14
      6. Monaco May 28
      7. Canada June 11
      8. Azerbaijan June 25
      9. Austria July 2
      10. Britain July 16
      11. Hungary July 30
      12. Belgium August 27
      13. Italy (Monza/Imola) September 3
      14. Singapore September 17
      15. Malaysia September 24/October 1
      16. Japan October 8
      17. USA October 22
      18. Mexico October 29
      19. Brazil November 12
      20. Abu Dhabi November 26

  28. Should the 2017 calendar feature 18 races (Should the three possible venues axed be Germany, Italy, and Brazil) then this is how I would form it:
    1. Australia April 2
    2. China April 9
    3. Bahrain April 23
    4. Russia April 30
    5. Spain May 14
    6. Monaco May 28
    7. Canada June 11
    8. Azerbaijan June 25
    9. Austria July 2
    10. Britain July 16
    11. Hungary July 30
    12. Belgium August 27
    13. Singapore September 10
    14. Malaysia September 17/24
    15. Japan October 1
    16. USA October 15
    17. Mexico October 22
    18. Abu Dhabi November 5

  29. abud dabi,bahrein,china,russia,baku out

  30. I think there could be a stretch to a 22 race calendar, scaremongering makes more money for Ecclestone. Germany will get a race, likely at Hockenheim and Qatar will join at the Losail circuit. Italy has signed and there has to be major reasons for losing a Grand Prix, especially Canada or Brazil – 2 most followed Grand Prix.

    12/03/17 – Australian GP
    19/03/17 – Chinese GP
    02/04/17 – Qatari GP
    09/04/17 – Bahrain GP
    23/04/17 – Russian GP
    07/05/17 – Spanish GP
    21/05/17 – Monaco GP
    04/06/17 – Canadian GP
    11/06/17 – European GP
    25/06/17 – Austrian GP
    02/07/17 – British GP
    16/07/17 – German GP
    30/07/17 – Hungarian GP
    27/08/17 – Belgian GP
    03/09/17 – Italian GP
    17/09/17 – Singapore GP
    01/10/17 – Japanese GP
    08/10/17 – Malaysian GP
    22/10/17 – Mexican GP
    05/11/17 – US GP
    12/11/17 – Brazilian GP
    26/11/17 – Abu Dhabi GP

  31. The Draft Calendar, viewed by team personnel states the likelihood of 21 races and a start in Australia on 26th March. There won’t be a clash with Le Mans and after the Australia-China back-to-back, there won’t be any more until July. This is a proposed calendar:

    26/03/17 – Australia
    02/04/17 – China
    16/04/17 – Bahrain
    30/04/17 – Russia
    14/05/17 – Spain
    28/05/17 – Monaco
    11/06/17 – Canada
    25/06/17 – Azerbaijan
    09/07/17 – Austria
    16/07/17 – Britain
    30/07/17 – Hungary
    06/08/17 – Germany
    03/09/17 – Belgium
    10/09/17 – Italy
    24/09/17 – Singapore
    01/10/17 – Japan
    15/10/17 – Malaysia
    29/10/17 – Mexico
    05/11/17 – USA
    19/11/17 – Brazil
    03/12/17 – Abu Dhabi

  32. we are missing f1 in india & we want indian grand prix in 2018 calendar.

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