Ultra soft tyres, Monte-Carlo, 2016

Ultra-soft tyres for Russian Grand Prix

2017 F1 seasonPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Pirelli has confirmed it will bring ultra-soft tyres to the Russian Grand Prix for the first time this year.

Sochi Autodrom, 2016
One-stop strategies have been the norm in Russia
F1’s official tyre supplier has announced the tyre options for drivers in the third and fourth races of 2017 in Bahrian and Russia.

The tyre allocation for the Bahrain Grand Prix will be unchanged from last year and see the first appearance of the super-soft tyres in 2017. Drivers will have to use at least one set of medium or soft tyres during the race.

The ultra-soft tyres will make their debut at the following round. Drivers will have to use at least one set of softs or super-softs during the race.

Most drivers used one-stop tyre strategies last year at Sochi when the ultra-soft tyre was not available, running one stint each on the soft and super-soft rubber.

The Sochi Autodrom is holding the Russian Grand Prix for the fourth time this year. The ultra-soft tyre was introduced last season and made only five appearances at the races in Monaco, Canada, Austria, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

Pirelli has been given a brief to increase the durability of its tyres for this season. It marks a departure from the previous policy of using high-degradation rubber which has been in place since it returned to F1 in 2011.

2017 tyre options so far

Circuit 2016 tyres 2017 tyres
Melbourne Medium Soft Super-soft Hard Medium Soft
Shanghai Medium Soft Super-soft Hard Medium Soft
Bahrain Medium Soft Super-soft Medium Soft Super-soft
Sochi Medium Soft Super-soft Soft Super-soft Ultra-soft

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  • 13 comments on “Ultra-soft tyres for Russian Grand Prix”

    1. If these tyres are more durable, could we see Pirelli discontinue the current ‘hard’ compound and reclassify the existing as Super-Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard? (bumping the remaining tyres up description)

      1. They have just done the opposite of that. The Ultrasofts are reclassified super softs and so on.

        1. Ah ok, thanks for the information.

        2. @rethla where is that from?

          1. @hahostolze

            Its not official ofc. but i remember when the Ultrasofts was new the verdict from the teams and drivers. Ultrasofts was a little softer than the previous supersofts but the big difference was that the new supersofts was alot harder than the previous ones.

    2. I’m not so confident of Pirelli, i would wait until the february tests.

    3. The Australian GP will feature the same compound combination as Russia (ultrasoft/supersoft/soft), while Bahrain will feature the same as China (supersoft/soft/medium), so there’s two errors on the ”2017 tyre options so far” list.

    4. Awesome. Soooo how durable will ultrasoft be?

      Maybe they aim to have a good racy tire with good thermal range and so soft it does degrade fast through natural wear and tear… But overall is as grippy as glue.

    5. The table at the bottom is wrong

    6. The Blade Runner (@)
      12th January 2017, 9:34

      Apparently the Russians are denying the leaked tyre news stating that they do not hold a dossier on rubber compounds…

      1. Particularly the wet rubber compound….

        1. The Blade Runner (@)
          12th January 2017, 14:30

          Fnar fnar!

    7. Tbh Pirelli have gone too conservative in the season opener, considering 2017 tires will be harder in general.

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