Fernando Alonso, Takuma Sato, Indianapolis 500, IndyCar, 2017

Alonso discussed full-time IndyCar move on-air during last night’s race

2018 F1 seasonPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso was interviewed live during last night’s IndyCar race at Texas Motor Speedway. The McLaren driver did not rule out making a full-time move to the series in the future but said his priority was finding a competitive seat in Formula One.

Fernando Alonso, Takuma Sato, Indianapolis 500, IndyCar, 2017
Alonso’s Indianapolis 500 debut in pictures
The McLaren driver has returned to F1 this weekend after making his IndyCar debut in the Indianapolis 500. On Thursday he said he will consider a change of team next season if he hasn’t won a race with McLaren by September – a result which is extremely unlikely given the team’s recent form.

Asked if he might commit to IndyCar full-time if he did not find a suitable F1 seat, Alonso said: “Why not? I’m very open to anything. I don’t have a clear answer right now. I will lie to you if I tell you I know what is going to happen next year. ”

“Watching now the race these guys are the best guys at oval racing so I don’t know to do the full season. I have to learn many things to do one race, I need to learn so many more to do the full season.”

However Alonso said he is “more ready” to continue in F1 next year. “I kind of just try and find the best car possible out there,” he said. “I will look at different options.”

“The Indianapolis 500 is the first priority for the triple crown and the full season maybe is another thing but why not?”

Alonso led 27 laps during his Indy 500 debut but retired with 20 laps to go due to a Honda engine failure.

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  • 16 comments on “Alonso discussed full-time IndyCar move on-air during last night’s race”

    1. Fernando clearly keeping his options open, great PR to call in during the race, “Why not”?

    2. Yes please move to IndyCar. It would be fantastic.

      How we’d love to see you at Road America next race.

    3. When Nigel moved to Newman-Haas in 1993 it was seen as a lateral move to go from F1 to CART. I’m afraid that’s no longer the case.

      1. Unfortunately so. The best way to get it on the way back to that state would be for Fernando to join the series and come second in the championship. Him winning it after a close battle wouldn’t be bad either.

        People quickly forgot how Barrichello went to Indy, got a competetive car, and did nothing.

        1. …except KV Racing wasn’t exactly a championship contender. Able to fight for the occasional win but hardly in the championship running. So I disagree that Rubens had a competitive car – Indycar isn’t about the machine (since they were identical) but down to the team, engineers and setup – KV simply weren’t regularly in the conversation and didn’t win in Indycar until 2013 (I discount the 2008 win for Will Power since that was the final race run under CART rules and chassis).

          If Alonso moves to Penske, Ganassi or Andretti there’s no question he would be a realistic championship contender.

    4. DAMN! The action on the track was ridiculous!!! And they’re having a casual conversation while there is more action on the track durin those 3 minutes than there will be the whole season in F1.

      1. Yeah that was crazy wasn’t it? The definition of close racing.

      2. Yes, it’s exciting to see the 2 or 3 wide close racing on the IndyCar ovals. However, It’s also extremely dangerous.

        A couple of years ago, they changed the IndyCar aero regs and they had one of the most thrilling and exciting and frightening races I’ve ever scene, anywhere. They were frequently 3,4 and even 5 cars wide. It was all an unexpected result of the aero changes. After the race the drivers said they would boycott unless they made changes and the regs were changed before the next race.

        1. What race was this?

    5. I am a big fan of Alonso and as much as I would like him to stay in F1, I think moving to Indy car would be good for both him and the series.
      He was so much happier at Indy – he needs to be competitive as Mario pointed out and is wasting his time in F1. His fan base in the states has become sizeable – probably the most popular of all drivers.
      Say goodbye F1 Fernando – there is only 1 or 2 good teams and most of the rest flounder with inferior engines provided by the big boys with no chance to win.
      You’ve proven you are one of the all time F1 greats – move on.

    6. I wonder when he’s planning to go to Le Mans and complete the triple crown of Honda engine failures.

      1. Racerdude7730
        11th June 2017, 16:40

        Lol thanks for a good morning laugh

    7. I’ve been a fan of F1 for 40 years and during that time followed several different drivers. For the last 12 years I’ve been an Alonso fan.

      It was fantastic watching him at Indianapolis. To make the most of the experience me and my son watched a few old Indy races and read up on the stats for the Indy season.

      I watched all the Indy practice and qualifying, read the news and thoroughly enjoyed the 500 race despite Fernando dropping out.

      Indy has a much more level playing field, and probably a greater element of luck. But now I’m back watching Alonso struggling in a below average car, and Ferrari/Merc playing their own separate game at the top I can’t help but find F1 slightly boring in comparison.

      Yes Alonso should go to Indy for a year, and maybe fit in the odd F1 race where the schedules allow.

      But if he does, then this is a clear message to Ross Brawn and liberty media that they need to make F1 much much more of a drivers formula. One of the 3 best champions in a sport leaving says a lot about what’s wrong.

    8. This story has been blown out of all context! His comments in the call are somewhat dismissive, made almost out of politeness to the commentators! In any event the chances of Alonso driving a Honda engine next season (McLaren or otherwise) are slim to none, and with it a Honda Andretti seat in the 500.

      ….although I’m sure many Chevrolet teams would run him after his performance at indy!

    9. I heard another interview with Alonso this weekend at Montreal where he said that he would have to learn so much, that a full time move to IndyCar wasn’t in the cards for him and that it made much more sense for him to stay in F1. This highlights the endemic problem in F1: there are only 2 or perhaps 3 teams (if Renault can supply a good enough power unit to Red Bull) that can win. Alonso’s options to find a seat in a winning car in F1 for 2018 are VERY limited.

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