2016 Belgian Grand Prix TV Times

2016 Belgian Grand Prix 2

Don’t miss any of the 2016 Belgian Grand Prix sessions – here are the times for all of this weekend’s action including IndyCar, GP2 and GP3.

Three points covers Super Formula top five

Weekend Racing Wrap 12

Japan’s Super Formula championship is incredibly close at its halfway stage with three points covering the top five and newcomer Stoffel Vandoorne just seven points off the leader.

F1 went into the summer break on a low

2016 German Grand Prix Rate the Race result 14

An indifferent German Grand Prix continued a run of low-ranked F1 races before the summer break began. F1 Fanatic readers rated it 5.8 out of ten.

F1 2016: The F1 Fanatic review

F1 reviews 48

Is F1 2016 the best yet from Codemasters? F1 Fanatic puts the last edition of the official Formula One game to the test.

McLaren has held some developments back

F1 Fanatic Round-up 33

In the round-up: McLaren has held some developments back • Renault 2017 car ‘based on 2015’ • New-generation F1 little different – Raikkonen