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2013 F1 season driver rankings part two: 16-11 14th December 2013, 11:00

The F1 Fanatic driver rankings continues with part two.

2013 F1 season driver rankings part one: 22-17 13th December 2013, 17:49

Who were the best drivers of 2013? The annual F1 Fanatic Driver Rankings begin here.

The winners of the team mate battles in 2013 11th December 2013, 18:47

Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Nico Hulkenberg and Jules Bianchi conclusively had the beating of their team mates over a full season in 2013. But it was closer at other teams.

Webber has first run in LMP1 Porsche

Mark Webber has driven Porsche’s 2014 LMP1 contender for the first time at the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve in Portugal.

McLaren’s MP4-28 proves a step too far in dire season

McLaren tend to have very good and very poor seasons in recent years. Their 2013 campaign was undoubtedly one of the bad ones.

Top ten passes of 2013: Vote for the best 10th December 2013, 12:15

Your nominations for the best overtaking move of 2013 have been counted. Now it’s time to vote for the best out of the top ten passes of the year.

Three-day test to take place next week 9th December 2013, 19:14

Six teams will participate in a special three-day test in Bahrain next week.

Force India hold off Sauber challenge for sixth

Force India’s season was essentially Sauber’s in reverse. Because if any team suffered as a result of Pirelli’s mid-season tyre tweaks, it was this one.

Williams recruit Red Bull and Lotus aero staff

Williams have hired two technical staff to join its aerodynamics team from Red Bull and Lotus.

2013 F1 season is lowest-rated year since 2009 8th December 2013, 12:15

Formula One’s efforts to liven up the racing failed to keep viewers excited during 2013, which had a lower rating than the last season without DRS.

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