2015 F1 rules articles on F1 Fanatic archive

The new F1 rules for 2015 at a glance 8th March 2015, 11:50

F1 stewards have a new weapon in their arsenal, races can now feature a Virtual Safety Car, and drivers better get used to having one helmet design.

FIA confirms ban on drivers changing helmet designs 2nd March 2015, 13:03

Details of the ban on drivers altering their crash helmet designs during the season have been confirmed in updated rules published by the FIA.

Making sense of F1’s engine rules for 2015 20th January 2015, 12:10

The new year is less than three weeks old but the FIA has already tweaked the engine rules twice. Here’s what it means for the teams and manufacturers in 2015.

FIA announces raft of extra new rules for 2015 9th January 2015, 10:30

The FIA has updated the sporting regulations for 2015 with a raft of further revisions to the rules for the upcoming season.

Penalties get another shake-up for 2015 3rd December 2014, 17:02

The FIA has revised the range of penalties available to stewards from 2015 and introduced a new ten-second penalty.

Double points & standing restarts out, VSC in for 2015

The FIA has confirmed the controversial double points rule will be dropped as of 2015. Standing restarts won’t be used – but the Virtual Safety Car will.

How the 2015 rules aim to fix ugly F1 noses 3rd September 2014, 12:10

For next year the FIA intends to change rules which created an ugly generation of F1 cars. Here’s how the new noses may look in 2015.

Three key changes expected on next year’s F1 cars 17th August 2014, 11:47

Nose design is one of three areas where the 2015 F1 cars will be significantly different from the current models.

FIA confirms 2015 rules including standing restarts 26th June 2014, 17:31

The FIA has announced new rules for the 2015 F1 season including the use of standing starts following Safety Car periods.

More customer parts and tyre warmer ban in 2015 23rd January 2014, 18:21

The FIA will permit teams to purchase more car parts in 2015 and ban the use of tyre warmers under new rules proposed today.

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