Giuseppi Farina articles on F1 Fanatic archive

British Grand Prix 2005 Preview 3rd July 2005, 19:18

France was not quite the reputation recovery exercise that F1 might have hoped for. Alright, nothing went wrong, but the race was rigidly dull at best. We can surely hope for better at F1’s spiritual home, Silverstone. Fast, flowing, dramatic and challenging – Silverstone is one of the best circuits in modern Formula One, a […]

The Magic of Monaco 15th May 2005, 20:25

Not only is the Monaco Grand Prix the most glamorous event on the motor racing calendar, it is also a living piece of F1 history. Drivers have gone to battle in the impossibly tight confines of the streets of Monte-Carlo since 1929. Nine non-championship events were run at Monaco from 1929 to 1937, followed by […]

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