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F1 drivers in the 2009 Le Mans 24 Hours 12th June 2009, 7:00

Senna, Mansell, Prost… the 2009 Le Mans entry list has some famous F1 names on it. Those three are, of course, ‘sons of…’ plus one ‘nephew of…’. But there are 23 other drivers racing at Le Mans this weekend who all have F1 starts to their name. Here’s a list of all of them, including […]

The team mate debates: Toyota 29th May 2009, 0:00

With the first signs of the silly season getting started for 2010, I thought it would be a good time to start a new series of Friday debates on the subject of team driver pairings. Starting today, we?ll look at each of the teams and ask at which point in their history did they have […]

Which former Formula 1 driver would make a good permanent steward? 23rd October 2008, 10:00

Following the recent spate of dubious penalty decisions involving Sebastien Bourdais, Lewis Hamilton (at Fuji and Spa) and Felipe Massa, many F1 drivers have voiced a desire to see a permanent stewards appointed. Ideally they would like one with relevant, recent Grand Prix experience. So who could fit the bill? Here’s a few potential names.

CART drivers who raced in F1: From Andretti to Zanardi part 8 10th June 2008, 7:00

Part eight of our look at drivers who raced in both F1 and IndyCar.

Has Ferrari stopped Italy producing world champion drivers? 10th March 2008, 7:00

Former Minardi team owner Giancarlo Minardi reckons they have: Ferrari paralyses the growth of young drivers by attracting the interest of companies to its championship, but the team is changing direction and, therefore, I hope that it will start to give opportunities for young talent to take part in a few days of testing. Italy […]

F1 in the blogs 44: PETA vs Ralf Schumacher 6th October 2007, 7:00

Ralf Schumacher is being mocked once again – this time by animal rights activists… Plus BMW in good shape for 2008, problems for Prodrive, and vote for F1Fanatic.co.uk in the 2007 Weblog Awards.

1999 Belgian Grand Prix flashback 13th September 2007, 11:00

Keeping two ruthless, competitive and fast team mates happy is something both McLaren and Ferrari have to manage this year. For an example of how one team has quite a bit more experience in the matter than the other, turn the clock back eight years to the Belgian Grand Prix of 1999. The McLaren drivers […]

The feeder formula champions (p3/4) 12th September 2007, 7:00

The final step for young drivers heading to Formula 1 has often been the likes of GP2 or its predecessor Formula 3000. But the sport is still waiting to see an F3000 or GP2 champion be crowned Formula 1 champion. In this four part series we take a look at the 22 champions – including […]

The feeder formula champions (p2/4) 11th September 2007, 7:00

GP2 is the ultimate category for young drivers looking to get into F1 – and before that was F3000. But no driver that won the F3000 or GP2 championship has then won the F1 title. In this four part series we take a look at the 22 champions – and what became of their F1 […]

Ferrari hush up radio interception claims 1st August 2007, 7:00

The McLaren-Ferrari spying row has opened a Pandora’s Box of allegations. Ferrari have now tried to hush up a former driver’s claims that they spied on other teams’ radio transmissions. But the fact that they admitted to it in the past makes that denial hard to swallow.

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