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How much does an F1 driver cost? And why… 29th January 2008, 11:00

Max Mosley has approved increases in the cost of F1 drivers’ superlicences that will net the FIA an extra ??1.1m* (??818,000). F1 drivers have seen the cost of their licences increase by up to 479%. The top drivers will pay the most but it’s not as if they’re impoverished to begin with – Lewis Hamilton […]

F1 news review: Honda drop ITV-F1 18th January 2008, 9:00

Honda has cancelled its sponsorship of ITV’s F1 coverage – does this signal a change in direction for the team’s marketing agenda? Plus McLaren and Williams stay quiet over rumours that part of their teams are to be sold. And who is Robert Kubica’s favourite sports person? It’s not a racing driver… Read the full […]

It?s hard to dislike drivers once you?ve met them 17th January 2008, 9:00

Getting to meet F1 drivers properly is not something I get to do very often. The days of being able to mill around the pits with them are long gone – these days you’re lucky to get a cursory glance and an unintelligible scrawl on your race day programme. But on the rare occasions I […]

F1 blogs review: Auf wiedersehen Ralf 5th January 2008, 9:00

Several F1 bloggers picked up on the departure of Ralf Schumacher from Formula 1 this week. And as usual he didn’t get a very sympathetic farewell… Others criticised the stance of some drivers against the traction control ban, who said it might make racing in the wet too dangerous. Read the weekly round-up of the […]

F1 news review: Traction control debate 4th January 2008, 7:00

In the F1 news this week there are fresh concerns over the banning of traction control this year. Plus more reviews of 2007 and more debate over who was the best driver of the year – which invariably boils down to a discussion about two drivers: Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen. All this and more […]

F1 news review: Mosley backs Raikkonen 28th December 2007, 7:00

Max Mosley gave a revealing interview to The Guardian this week in which he said he was glad to see Kimi Raikkonen win the world championship following the spy scandal between McLaren and Ferrari. Plus the sports writers look back on 2007, Ralf Schumacher dumps his manager and Alexander Wurz looks to a career in […]

F1 news review: Threat to Valencia Grand Prix 21st December 2007, 7:00

In the F1 news this week an EC investigation could put next year’s European Grand Prix at the new Valencia street circuit in danger. Silverstone is getting a lick of paint and the row continues over the McLaren-Ferrari spy saga and the future of Ron Dennis despite the FIA officially finishing the matter. All this […]

F1 blogs review: Alonso vs Piquet and McLaren vs Renault 15th December 2007, 7:00

This week F1 bloggers asked how Fernando Alonso will get on with Nelson Piquet Jnr – and why McLaren got punished ahead of Renault. Plus a great video review of the F1 season and interview with Lewis Hamilton, and much more…

F1 news review: Win 2007 DVDs, Autocourses and more 14th December 2007, 7:00

In this week’s round-up of F1 news and articles there’s stacks of prizes to be won including F1 2007 DVDs, Autocourse 2007 annuals, Lewis Hamilton books and more. Plus a fatality at Interlagos, new plans for a night race in Australia, more tests for Michael Schumacher, the battle for the last few 2008 F1 drives […]

2008 testing round-up 2 8th December 2007, 19:02

This week saw the final four days of testing of 2007. Although much was made of the opportunity to compare Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton on track at the same time, in reality the diversity of testing programmes being run meant that no worthwhile comparison was possible. Teams ran a mixture of grooved and slick […]

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