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“Ronnie Peterson: A photographic portrait” (Spurring & Henry, 2008) 22nd November 2008, 17:30

F1 book review

100 F1 race winners part 5: 1968-1973 9th August 2008, 7:00

Ten more of F1’s 100 Grand Prix winners including champions Jochen Rindt, Emerson Fittipaldi and Mario Andretti. Plus the fiftieth driver to win a Formula 1 race – America’s Peter Revson.

Hunt wins amid Fuji tragedy 27th September 2007, 9:00

F1’s return to Fuji in 1977 saw a terrible crash which claimed the lives of two spectators. James Hunt won the race for McLaren.

Belgian GP 2007 facts & statistics 17th September 2007, 9:00

The stats from the Belgian Grand Prix make depressing reading if you’re not a Ferrari fan. But while the red team wrapped up the constructors’ championship – appeals notwithstanding – the figures underline that the racing is hardly unpredictable these days. Only on three occasions has the driver leading at the end of lap one […]

Ten of the best… American F1 drivers 14th June 2007, 13:00

There were no American drivers in F1 at all from 1994 to 2005. But the country has given F1 two champions and a host of Grand Prix winners.

Gilles Villeneuve: His victories remembered 8th May 2007, 9:00

Today marks 25 years since the death of Gilles Villeneuve. Enough has been written about the sad circumstances of his death at Zolder in qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix. Much has also been written about the spectacular moments for which he is so fondly remembered. Villeneuve drove every race to win. It was not […]

“Mario Andretti World Champion” (Nigel Roebuck, 1979) 15th April 2007, 9:00

Regular readers of Nigel Roebuck’s “Fifth Column” in Autosport will know he has a couple of all-time favourite drivers. If Mario Andretti isn’t number one, he’s surely a close second to Gilles Villeneuve. But a professional closeness and admiration for someone can be a mixed blessing when it comes to writing a biography of them. […]

“The Little book of Grand Prix Legends” (Philip Raby, 2006) 4th March 2007, 12:00

For this weekend’s F1 book review, something a little lighter than usual. “The little book of Grand Prix Legends” is just over 100 pages on 30 of the biggest names of the sport. There’s no shortage of similar books along these lines, so what makes this one stand out from the crowd?

F1 2007 Preview: The circuits 16th February 2007, 12:00

In four weeks’ time the first official practice session of 2007 will begin. And so we kick off our countdown to the racing year with our 2007 season preview. First up: the tracks. With a brand-new venue on the schedule, chopping and changing elsewhere and a couple of unusually long gaps in the calendar, there […]

Ten rare and amazing F1 videos 5th February 2007, 9:00

There are plenty of great F1 videos on Youtube. But one does get rather sick of endless slow-motion crash footage set to Linkin Park. You have to rummage around to find the best F1 videos – and here they are – ten rare F1 clips that aren’t stolen from race broadcasts and season review videos. […]

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