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“Formula One 1971: Great Scot!” (DVD) 15th January 2007, 21:33

The second of the Brunswick formula One season DVDs covers the year of Jackie Stewart’s second World Championship: 1971. These videos are real treats: full-colour footage of F1’s formative years. This particular season saw Jackie Stewart capture his second world title. 1971 was not a vintage season, but does that stop the DVD from being […]

F1 2006 Review: Farewell to Cosworth 29th October 2006, 13:53

Michael Schumacher claims to know very little about Formula One history. But if he did, he’d know that arguably an even greater name than his own bowed out of Formula One this year. Cosworth powered 176 race winners in four decades of racing – more than any other engine bar Ferrari, who of course were […]

100 Greatest F1 Videos – Part X (10-1) 27th June 2006, 22:25

The final part of our top 100 countdown of the best F1 moments captured on video. The top ten F1 videos includes the notorious controversies at Suzuka, some legendary races from Monza, and a couple of amazing encounters in Jerez, of all places. But none of these is number one. To find out what is, […]

Japanese Grand Prix 2005 Preview 25th September 2005, 10:30

The Japanese Grand Prix may not decide the drivers’ championship this year, but it has done on many past occasions. Even without the thrill of the showdown the challenging Suzuka circuit is an exceptional venue, which is more than can be said for its rumoured replacement in Fuji. Fernando Alonso may be on a post-championship […]

The Greatest Wins: Gethin 13th March 2005, 19:53

Peter Gethin’s 1971 victory in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza used to be a benchmark of speed and time – the fastest ever Grand Prix at 242.51 kph (150.75 mph), the closest ever finish with just 0.01s* between first and second, and a staggering 0.61s covering the first five cars. The modern era has […]

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