F1 2006 Review: The year in pictures

Relive the memorable moments of 2006 with 108 photographs from every round of the season. Including Jenson Button and Felipe Massa’s first Grand Prix wins, Michael Schumacher’s final victory in Shanghai, Jacques Villeneuve and Juan-Pablo Montoya’s last races and all the rollercoaster twists and turns of the 2006 championship – which was won in the … Continue reading F1 2006 Review: The year in pictures

Alonso triumphs in final duel with Schumacher

2006 Brazilian Grand Prix review

Michael Schumacher delivered a spellbinding performance that recalled his most memorable victories but Fernando Alonso claimed the championship.

2006 Brazilian Grand Prix preview

The final race of 2006 will see a great number of ‘lasts': Fernando Alonso’s last race for Renault before going to McLaren, Kimi Raikkonen’s last for McLaren before going to Ferrari. And Michael Schumacher’s last for Ferrari before going to?????? normal life. All three will be ultra-motivated, wired to the eyeballs, wanting to go out … Continue reading 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix preview

Gallery: Farewell Suzuka

Yesterday’s Grand Prix may be the last we ever see at Suzuka. That would be a terrible shame, however good the Fuji Speedway turns out, because Suzuka is one of those truly special circuits that defines the sport and drips with its history. With that in mind, we’ve compiled 36 stunning Suzuka shots to remember … Continue reading Gallery: Farewell Suzuka

Japanese Grand Prix 2006 preview

One thing is certain heading into this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix – if it’s better than last year’s it will be one of the greatest races ever. With the drivers’ and constructors’ championships almost unbelievably close the tension between the Renault and Ferrari camps is unreal – and it gets exponentially greater with each passing … Continue reading Japanese Grand Prix 2006 preview

2007: Who goes where part 3

Michael Schumacher’s retirement is surely the biggest driver news story of the year. Unless Nigel Mansell is planning another comeback. That leaves only one top seat for 2007 left to be claimed – at McLaren alongside Fernando Alonso. With that in mind, let’s see how the teams and drivers for next year line up.

Turkish Grand Prix 2006 review

First for Felipe What should have been a textbook cruise to maximum championship points for Michael Schumacher fell apart – and handed his grateful team mate a maiden Grand Prix win. Fernando Alonso took a vital second place to extend his lead in the championship for the first time since June. But the Renault driver … Continue reading Turkish Grand Prix 2006 review

Drivers half-season report – Part 1

The Canadian Grand Prix marked the halfway point in the 2006 season, which seems a worthwhile time to take stock of how the drivers are faring up and down the pitlane. Don’t miss the second part coming up before the United States Grand Prix. Tags f1 / formula one / grand prix / motor sport

British Grand Prix 2006 Review

Silverstone provided an ultra-fast spectacle this year, but not the scintillating racing we so memorably saw in 2003. No, this was a Barcelona-style procession: a demonstration of the phenomenal cornering abilities of modern cars, but not the combative talents of their drivers. If you needed proof that the cause lies with the aerodynamic properties of … Continue reading British Grand Prix 2006 Review

F1 Fanatic season guide 2006

The first decade of the 21st century is proving one of the most turbulent in the entire history of Formula One, in terms of changes to the rules of racing. 2006 sees the biggest change to the engine rules since turbos were banned at the end of 1988, as 2.4- litre V8s replace 3-litre V10s. … Continue reading F1 Fanatic season guide 2006