The future of Super Aguri

Plucky underdogs Super Aguri had a reasonable year in 2007, scoring their first ever points and worrying the factory Honda team on several occasions. But I can’t help but wonder what the future holds for this team that basically exists just to give one driver – Takuma Sato – a seat in Formula 1. Are … Continue reading The future of Super Aguri

F1 2007 Preview: Super Aguri

What can you say about the only team that hasn’t even got its new car ready yet? After ending 2006 strongly with Takuma Sato’s fine drive in Interlagos, Super Aguri are going into 2007 on the back foot after their new car failed crash tests. It may not even be ready for the first race. … Continue reading F1 2007 Preview: Super Aguri

F1 2006 Review: Race-by-race

The teams meet for the first race of the season, with different looking cars, some in strange new colour schemes. Then, in no time at all, the chequered flag is falling for the final time and a new champion is crowned. This year saw controversy off and on the track, but the season was redeemed … Continue reading F1 2006 Review: Race-by-race

F1 2006 Review: Stats

A detailed look at the statistical record of 2006 throws up some interesting facts: Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher would have been tied at the end of the year were the points system from 1990 being used. Kimi Raikkonen gained more places in the Bahrain Grand Prix than any drivers had since 1993. And Schumacher … Continue reading F1 2006 Review: Stats

F1 2006 Review: In their own words

In the latest installment of our comprehensive 2006 review we picked the quotes that tell the story of the season. F1 drivers and personnel may be tight-lipped and PR-savvy, but these 22 on-the-record remarks show what they really thought of their rivals, their teams, and of course, the life and times of one Michael Schumacher.

F1 2006 Review: Drivers end-of-season rankings part 1

The 2006 championship was contested by 27 different drivers, 18 of which entered every race. Which ones impressed and which ones struggled? We rate all 27, starting with the first 17 today and looking at our top ten drivers in detail tomorrow.

F1 Stats Update: China

Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher are tied at the top of the championship table – but they wouldn’t be if the sport were still using the pre-2003 points system. Take a statistical look at the 2006 championship so far in our post-race stats update.

F1 06 (PlayStation 2)

SCEE have released the annual update to the only official Formula One game. As ever, it’s exclusive to the PlayStation, and decidedly ‘arcade’ style rather than a detailed simulation. It has all the latest teams and drivers – but is it actually any good?

Drivers half-season report – Part 1

The Canadian Grand Prix marked the halfway point in the 2006 season, which seems a worthwhile time to take stock of how the drivers are faring up and down the pitlane. Don’t miss the second part coming up before the United States Grand Prix. Tags f1 / formula one / grand prix / motor sport

Super Aguri vs Superlicence

Super Aguri driver Yuji Ide has had his FIA Superlicence formally revoked, ending any chance of him participating further in Formula One this year. Franck Montagny, who drove in his place at the European Grand Prix, will continue for the team in Spain this weekend. Some have criticised the decision on the grounds that Ide … Continue reading Super Aguri vs Superlicence