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Shortcuts on F1 tracks? Bernie Ecclestone’s winding everyone up again 13th January 2010, 20:49

Bernie Ecclestone’s contribution to the debate over what should be done to improve racing in F1 is another one of his wind-ups: Imagine a shortcut which a driver can use five times every race. It would stop people getting stuck behind others. It would be good for TV. Bernie Ecclestone We’ve had similar ‘ideas’ from […]

Ecclestone still wants Australian night race 25th October 2009, 23:21

Bernie Ecclestone got the Australian Grand Prix promoters to run their Grand Prix as a ‘twilight race’ this year to suit European television audiences better. But he’s still pushing for the event to be turned into a night race like the Singapore Grand Prix. He told the Herald Sun: The later we can get the […]

The bitterly-fought FIA presidential election is too important to ignore 17th October 2009, 11:38

With the FIA presidential election just days away the row over Max Mosley’s efforts to ensure he is succeeded by Jean Todt and not Ari Vatanen is the subject of great scrutiny. Vatanen has taken the step of appealing to a French court to ensure next week’s elections are carried out fairly, a move which […]

CVC boss slams Ecclestone 26th September 2009, 11:11

Bernie Ecclestone faces sharp criticism from F1 owners CVC for the second time this year. CVC Capital Partners board member Martin Sorrell gave the following quote to the Daily Mail following Ecclestone’s words of support for disgraced former Renault boss Flavio Briatore: First, we had Hitler did good, now we have cheating is acceptable. Where […]

The state of the 2010 F1 calendar 3rd June 2009, 7:00

With so much attention focused on which teams might be racing in F1 in 2010, less is being said about what circuits might feature on the world championship calendar. Many circuits are facing pressure from falling audiences and Bernie Ecclestone’s unrelentingly high prices. There is significant doubt over the planned races at Hockenheim, Fuji and […]

Ferrari to present case against FIA 19th May 2009, 10:00

As revealed on Friday, Ferrari today are attempting to prosecute the FIA in the French courts for, they claim, breaking the terms of their now-infamous 2005 agreement. The outcome of the trial could be crucial for the future of the sport, but most likely it will prove just another chapter in the latest F1 row […]

Talking budget caps on TV tonight 14th May 2009, 13:56

I’ve been invited to appear on Sky News’s programme tonight to talk about – what else? – the budget caps row. If you’ve got Sky News tune in at 7pm tonight to see if I can explain budget capping, two-tiered regulations and FIA rules without confusing myself… I’ve been on the programme a couple […]

The FIA must not let its row with Ferrari become a split that would destroy F1 12th May 2009, 19:25

The Ferrari board confirmed today it will pull its team out of F1 if the FIA does not back down on its controversial plans for the 2010 rules. Toyota and Red Bull/Toro Rosso have already voiced the same objections and several F1 news sites are indicating that Mercedes, Renault and BMW are prepared to do […]

Will the F1 teams back a candidate in the FIA president election? 12th April 2009, 11:20

Before the season began the F1 teams’ association (FOTA) declared they wanted to co-operate with the FIA, as regulators of F1, and Formula One Management, as the commercial owners, to work for the good of the sport. Luca Montezemolo declared: Every sport needs a strong political authority and regulator because we are not in a […]

Drivers object to late race starts but Abu Dhabi wants special start time for finale 10th April 2009, 14:37

The F1 drivers have collectively voiced their unhappiness about late race start times. A GPDA representative confirmed to Autosport the Malaysian Grand Prix might have been re-started had it not been started so late: It wasn’t the rain that was the problem in Malaysia, because it can rain just as heavily at 2pm as it […]

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