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Race Without End (Maurice Hamilton, 1994) 17th February 2008, 7:00

“Race Without End” is the story of the Jordan Grand Prix’s 1993 season.

Best gifts for F1 fans: Books (2/5) 27th November 2007, 7:00

Here’s the second part of the F1Fanatic.co.uk guide to F1 gifts. Yesterday I picked out the best F1 videos – today it’s the turn of biographies – and there were plenty of new ones in 2007. Of course one man dominates the shelves at the moment – Lewis Hamilton – but there are also some […]

Spyker set for yet another buyout 1st September 2007, 11:02

The Silverstone-based Spyker team is set for yet another change of ownership as current team director Michel Mol is preparing to buy it from parent company Spyker Cars. Spyker Cars has run into financial problems and has accepted an ??????80m (???54.2m / $109m) offer from Mol and Indian business partner Vijay Mallya. It originally bought […]

F1 in the blogs 41: Backlash 25th August 2007, 7:00

The backlash against the Hamilton-Alonso feud got very bitter in the three-week break following the Hungarian Grand Prix – and it’s the subject of today’s Post of the Week. Also in the F1 blogs: the cost of F1, the cost of missing your braking point at Spa, and a Michael Schumacher you can lick. Yes, […]

“Eddie Jordan: The Biography” (Timothy Collings, 2003) 24th June 2007, 7:00

Eddie Jordan recently published his autobiography. But how does it stack up against a more detached view of the Irishman’s celebrated character? Collings’ book came out in 2003 and so it can’t tell the entire Jordan story – but there are plenty of other gaps it can filll in.

“An Independent Man – the Autobiography” (Eddie Jordan, 2007) 27th May 2007, 7:00

Eddie Jordan is Marmite personified. To some he’s F1’s much-missed wheeler-dealer cheeky chappy – but plenty of others remember him as a whingeing upstart whose team might have been more successful ahd he run a tighter ship. This being an autobiography it will doubtless provide plenty of fodder for both sides to support their points […]

The Old Rumour Mill – April 3rd April 2007, 12:00

This time twelve months ago the magazines were full of rumours about a Schumacher-Raikkonen ‘superteam’ at Ferrari. What a pity that never came to pass. Take a look at this and a few other predictions and expectations that were just a little wide of the mark…

Top ten… F1 bombshells 19th December 2006, 21:37

What big F1 news story broke one year ago today? Have a guess… It was Fernando Alonso’s shock switch to McLaren for 2007 – a move that caught most, if not all, F1 followers completely unaware. Of course it’s not the first time in F1 history that a shock driver or team move has caught […]

“The Piranha Club: Power and Influence in Formula One” reviewed 17th December 2006, 14:37

When Eddie Jordan was famously outmanouevred by Flavio Briatore in 1991, losing the coveted contract to run Michael Schumacher, McLaren boos Ron Dennis strode up to him and simply said: “Welcome to the Piranha Club”.

Thoughts from abroad #2 22nd April 2006, 21:18

David Richards is the name most people are linking to the empty 12th slot on the grid for 2008 – and rightly so. Of the other known possible new teams for ’08 his Prodrive outfit is clearly the most credible – whatever tedious local protesters may have to say. Richards set out his stall as […]

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