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60 years ago today: Ferrari’s first F1 win 14th July 2011, 8:00

On 14 July 1951 Jos?? Froil??n Gonz??lez scored Ferrari’s first world championship race win.

F60: another name change for Ferrari 13th January 2009, 9:47

Ferrari’s new 2009 F1 car launched yesterday may mark another change in the team’s somewhat esoteric approach to naming its cars. Here’s a brief guide to how Ferrari have named their F1 cars from 1950 to 2009.

Top ten… Most notorious backmarkers 11th October 2007, 7:00

Kazuki Nakajima makes his Grand Prix debut this weekend. Long time Grand Prix fans will remember the one occasion his father made a decisive move at the front of the field – by taking Ayrton Senna’s front wing off during the Brazilian Grand Prix while Senna was lapping him. But that’s by no means the […]

Ferrari score their 200th Grand Prix victory 8th October 2007, 11:00

Kimi Raikkonen’s victory in the Chinese Grand Prix was the 200th Grand Prix win for Ferrari. The great Italian team is the only outfit that was present in the first ever championship Grand Prix still competing in Formula One. Until 1988 the team was headed by founder Enzo Ferrari. But it has won more races […]

“Ferrari: The Grand Prix Cars (new ed.)” (Alan Henry, 1989) 2nd September 2007, 7:00

Books on Ferrari are ten a penny. But most of the titles about the famous Italian marque are glossy ‘coffee table’ pieces with plenty of pretty pictures but little in the way of style. So I was very happy to come across this very substantial book by Alan Henry. What it lacks it gloss it […]

Essential & cheap summer reads for F1 fans 1st August 2007, 10:00

The three-week summer break follows the next Grand Prix in Hungary. If you’re heading off on holiday a stack of summer paperbacks is essential for those long days at the beach. Here’s a selection of five of my favourites from biographies to general topics. Plus you can pick them up at bargain prices from F1Fanatic’s […]

“Champion: Surtees” (Duke DVD Video 2004) 12th February 2007, 9:00

John Surtees: Tip-top bloke whose stunning and unmatched achievement doesn’t get talked about often enough. That being the unique feat of winning both motorcycle and motor-car world championships. This Duke video in the ‘Champions’ series provides opportunity to see this great, under-rated British champion at work.

“To Hell and Back” (Niki Lauda with Herbert Volker, 1985) 11th February 2007, 9:00

Last week we took a look at Alez Zanardi’s gripping autobiography “My Story”. I thought an interesting book to compare that with would be Niki Lauda’s 1986 book “To Hell and Back” – the self-penned story of another driver whose career was defined by a life-threatening accident.

Top ten… F1 bombshells 19th December 2006, 21:37

What big F1 news story broke one year ago today? Have a guess… It was Fernando Alonso’s shock switch to McLaren for 2007 – a move that caught most, if not all, F1 followers completely unaware. Of course it’s not the first time in F1 history that a shock driver or team move has caught […]

“The Piranha Club: Power and Influence in Formula One” reviewed 17th December 2006, 14:37

When Eddie Jordan was famously outmanouevred by Flavio Briatore in 1991, losing the coveted contract to run Michael Schumacher, McLaren boos Ron Dennis strode up to him and simply said: “Welcome to the Piranha Club”.

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