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The future of Renault’s F1 team 8th August 2008, 15:00

A few developments in recent weeks have planted seeds of doubt in my mind about Renault?s future in Formula 1. Fernando Alonso seems to want to leave the team and they?ve admitted their engine programme has fallen behind their rivals’. The general economic outlook remains gloomy and it seems particularly poor for Renault?s car making […]

Flavio Briatore admits Renault have fallen behind on engine development 30th July 2008, 7:00

The F1 team bosses have been meeting at Ferrari?s headquarters in Maranello to come up with a set of proposals for F1?s rules for 2011 and beyond. Speaking before the meeting, Renault?s Flavio Briatore gave a frank assessment of his team?s problems: The problem is that us, Renault, have stuck to the letter of the […]

The richest men in motor racing 29th April 2008, 20:08

I’ve just had a look through the Sunday Times’ annual list of the 1,000 richest people in Britain to see who they reckon the richest Britons in motor racing are. Here are the ones I was able to find – do let me know if you think I’ve missed any. No prizes for guessing who […]

Has Flavio Briatore lost interest again? 10th April 2008, 13:00

What’s the problem with Renault? It was no great surprise to see the champions of 2005 and 2006 lose their way in 2007. There was certainly no shortage of explanations: they had lost their champion driver and talisman of the team, Fernando Alonso. They had lost the Michelin tyres to which generations of Renault chassis […]

Flavio Briatore’s risky gamble on Fernando Alonso may not pay off 25th March 2008, 19:08

After leaving McLaren and returning to Renault, Fernando Alonso is a happy bunny now, right. Apparently not – in an interview with a Spanish publication he showed he was already thinking of moving on again: I’m at Renault because I wanted to get back to winning, like in 2005 and 2006, if not this year […]

2008: Renault 6th March 2008, 7:00

Renault are one of the most fascinating propositions of 2008 for me. As Felipe Massa said yesterday, many expect them to struggle again in 2008: If you have to take on Alonso it’s better that he’s driving for the French team than McLaren because it seems to me that Renault aren’t at the same level […]

New year’s resolutions for F1 drivers 2nd January 2008, 7:00

Having made my usual new year’s resolutions (about drinking less coffee and spending less time on writing F1 Fanatic) I dreamt up a few resolutions I’d like F1 drivers and other figures to take. Here are 20 resolutions I thought up – suggest some of your own in the comments box below…

The consequences of Thursday’s Renault-McLaren spy hearing (updated) 5th December 2007, 9:00

The most controversial season in memory drags on as the World Motor Sports Council waits to hear another enquiry into alleged spying tomorrow. This could turn out to be an important moment for the sport particularly if Renault are found to be guilty of the same misdemeanour as McLaren. It determine whether Fernando Alonso races […]

The FIA owe Prodrive an apology 27th November 2007, 11:00

Tomorrow it will be 19 months since the FIA confirmed that Prodrive would be the 12th team in Formula 1 in 2008. Last week David Richards confirmed what many people had suspected for a long time: that Prodrive will not be racing in F1 next year. Prodrive’s absence next year is because the FIA have […]

Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet Jnr at Renault in 2008? 19th November 2007, 20:52

As speculation grows over Fernando Alonso’s future, Renault’s Flavio Briatore had this to say about his driver pairing for 2008: Renault will certainly have different drivers next year. Alonso has a 60% chance of coming to us. Alonso moving to Renault has been tipped for some time. His most likely partner there – assuming it […]

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