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Gordon Murray: “We were giant-killers” 30th January 2013, 10:39

Ahead of McLaren’s launch tomorrow here’s an interview with the designer of some of their greatest racers, Gordon Murray, in an exclusive extract from a new book.

F1 blogs review: free Red Bulletin download 26th January 2008, 7:00

In the F1 blogs this week grab yourself a complete back-catalogue of the free paddock magazine Red Bulletin in PDF format from the past three years. Just don’t try taking them into the McLaren pit… Plus an Australian F1 fan frustrated with the organisation of the Melbourne race, plenty of thoughts on testing and more.

F1 in the blogs 37: Red flag 28th July 2007, 7:00

In the F1 blogs this week musings on the seldom-seen red flag and Gordon Murray’s latest projects. Plus the ongoing confusing over Lewis Hamilton and the crane, football teams going motor racing, and the vexed question of F1’s role in promoting environmental awareness..

‘F1 road car’ goes into production 13th June 2007, 13:00

The Caparo T1 two-seater has officially gone into production. The road car boasts F1-like performance – here are the vital stats: Engine: 3.5-litre Caparo V8 Power: 575bhp (425kW) at 10,500rpm and 420Nm (310lbft) at 9,000rpm Weight: 550kg Power-to-weight ratio: 1,045bhp-per-tonne 0-60mph: 2.5s (estimated) Price: ???190,000

1979 Canadian Grand Prix flashback 7th June 2007, 13:00

Gilles Villeneuve won his first ever Grand Prix at his home race in 1978. It was the first time the Canadian Grand Prix was held at the Montreal circuit. A year later he returned hoping to win again in front of his home crowd, having lost the World Championship battle to Ferrari team mate Jody […]

F1 in the blogs 25: Better than Chapman? 14th April 2007, 9:00

Colin Chapman produced some revolutionary cars each of which pushed F1 technology forward instantaneously in one huge leap. But the author of Post of the Week puts another designer forward as the greatest in motor racing history – and it’s not Gordon Murray, or even Adrian Newey. Plus the Felipe Massa backlash in the Italian […]

Banned! Brabham-Alfa Romeo BT46B ‘Fan Car’ 22nd February 2007, 9:00

The 1970s was the decade of outrageous innovation that produced some of the most unusual cars ever to grace a racing circuit. Many were hideous failures that disappeared into obscurity. But Brabham’s ‘Fan Car’ did somewhat better, achieving a 100% victory rate. Which is to say it won one race, and then it was banned…

Banned! Lotus-Cosworth 88 & 88B 1st February 2007, 9:00

Continuing our series on technologies that have been banned from F1, this week we look at a rare example of an entire car that was banned before it could even race. Colin Chapman’s Lotus 88 was a victim of fraught political tensions at a time when the governing body and the British team were at […]

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