Joaquin Verdegay articles on F1 Fanatic archive

Joaquin Verdegay’s unwise words (Updated) 18th July 2007, 20:31

One of the members of the FIA World Motor Sports Council, who will pass judgement in the McLaren/Ferrari espionage case in eight days time, made some interesting remarks to the AS newspaper of his native Spain. Here’s a translated portion: It is very hard to prove that McLaren used the information. Normally, and I hope […]

F1 2006 Review: In their own words 28th October 2006, 22:55

In the latest installment of our comprehensive 2006 review we picked the quotes that tell the story of the season. F1 drivers and personnel may be tight-lipped and PR-savvy, but these 22 on-the-record remarks show what they really thought of their rivals, their teams, and of course, the life and times of one Michael Schumacher.

Schu-spin: The final word(s) 30th May 2006, 21:59

Drawing a line under the latest Schumacher scandal (hopefully), I thought it would be interesting to take a sample of what fellow F1 bloggers made of the controversy and how they called it. All links are to external content and are nothing to do with F1Fanatic etc… If any of the authors believe I’ve misconstrued […]

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