Ken Tyrrell articles on F1 Fanatic archive

“Ken Tyrrell: The Authorised Biography” (Maurice Hamilton, 2002) 29th April 2007, 9:00

Should teams be allowed to buy chassis from other constructors and race them in Formula 1? It’s one of the most divisive arguments in F1 today and it’s not a new debate. Up until the early 1980s it was entirely commonplace for teams to race customer chassis. Those in support of it today maintain that […]

Banned! X-wings 5th April 2007, 12:00

Over a pint a former Tyrrell mechanic once told me where the idea came for the hideous ‘X-wings’ that the team brought to the sport came from. This was in 1997, at which point the team was in its death throes – the last year in which boss Ken Tyrrell was still at the helm. […]

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