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Joaquin Verdegay’s unwise words (Updated) 18th July 2007, 20:31

One of the members of the FIA World Motor Sports Council, who will pass judgement in the McLaren/Ferrari espionage case in eight days time, made some interesting remarks to the AS newspaper of his native Spain. Here’s a translated portion: It is very hard to prove that McLaren used the information. Normally, and I hope […]

Stepneygate, sensationalism and censorship

An interesting post went up on ITV-F1’s forum on Monday. Reading between the lines, the gist of it was, “speculating what Nigel Stepney and Mike Coughlan might have done is not allowed on this board”: As you will appreciate, for legal reasons, we cannot allow user’s posts to include any speculation, potentially libelous or defamatory […]

European Grand Prix 2007 preview & TV times 17th July 2007, 7:00

The Nurburgring plays host to the only round of the championship in Germany this year. The absence of Michael Schumacher is largely responsible but, depending who gets the second Spyker seat, there could conceivably be five home drivers on the grid. But the battle for wins is likely to be between the same four drivers […]

Debate: Stepney scandal good for F1? 12th July 2007, 7:00

Ferrari-McLaren scandal, Stepney-gate, the Ferrari espionage affair – call it what you will, everyone’s talking about it. Lewis Hamilton may be big news in the back pages of newspapers but the increasingly strange details of industrial espionage between F1’s two top teams is commanding column inches in the front pages. Every top sport from football […]

Extraordinary details in Ferrari-McLaren spy case 10th July 2007, 14:22

The hearings into Mike Coughlan’s reputed involvement in obtaining documents from Ferrari began today and some surprising allegations have been made. Apparently Ferrari first heard of the matter when a photocopying shop in Woking contacted them. It is alleged that Mike Coughlan’s wife Trudy entered the shop earlier that day to duplicate a 780 page […]

McLaren linked to Ferrari espionage scandal 3rd July 2007, 19:47

Two further twists in the Nigel Stepney espionage case came today – the most dramatic of which links McLaren employee Mike Coughlan to the scandal. Stepney was officially suspended by the Italian team and it has emerged that McLaren has suspended Coughlan in connection with potentially receiving documents from a Ferrari employee in late April. […]

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