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Buy, beg, borrow or steal this video 25th July 2008, 13:00

I did a review of the latest Lewis Hamilton DVD earlier this week and although it’s not bad the lack of racing footage on it is a disappointment. But if you like the sound of a video with more of a historical angle, which packs in four decades of F1 racing action, I’ve got a […]

Commentating: How hard can it be… 11th April 2008, 21:09

I know a lot of British F1 fans get irritated by ITV commentator James Allen. I’ve never been a big fan either but I’ve tried not to get too drawn into the Allen-bashing because, much like when it comes to discussing the talents of F1 drivers, I’ve never done it so I don’t feel I […]

The Ben Evans column: ITV aren’t bad 28th March 2008, 13:00

Another early start for the UK’s armchair fans unfortunately didn?t equate to another exciting race last Sunday. Ferrari dominated and McLaren floundered – with Lewis Hamilton struggling get close to Mark Webber?s Red Bull and Jarno Trulli?s Toyota, let alone actually make a move. Yes he may have been driving for points (in the second […]

25 best groups for F1 fans on Facebook 19th September 2007, 9:00

A bit of fun for those of you who, like me, use the Facebook social networking site. There are all kinds of F1 groups to join from those who want Ferrari to sign Danica Patrick, fans who want the original Nordschleife back on the calendar, to the Canadians who want their own F1 team. Some […]

F1 in the news 48: Alonso tipped for Renault 17th August 2007, 7:00

The bookies reckon if Fernando Alonso is to storm out of McLaren at the end of the year it will be to return to his former team Renault. Also in the news this week, work set to begin on the Singapore street circuit and a young Canadian scoops the Gilles Villeneuve award.

Video: A classic F1 advert 24th July 2007, 14:39

The great Mercedes advert was on television again yesterday evening and it put me in the mind of another great F1 television advert – a young Damon Hill with Murray Walker in the Pizza Hut ad. Like the advert with Fernando Alonso and Damon Hill, it works well because the pair are clearly entering into […]

Video: Murray on Alonso’s last-gasp pass 23rd July 2007, 15:05

For those of you who weren’t able to tune into Radio 5 yesterday, here’s the end of Murray Walker’s commentary on the European Grand Prix. It covers the last ten minutes of the race, including Fernando Alonso’s great pass on Felipe Massa, plus Lewis Hamilton’s desperate bid to score a point. Whether you like Murray […]

Murray Walker vs James Allen 21st July 2007, 10:43

British F1 fans – will you be tuning in to BBC Radio 5 Live’s qualifying and race broadcasts with Murray Walker this weekend? Or will you be sticking with ITV’s James Allen for the European Grand Prix? I’m in a bind – I’ve always been a huge Murray Walker fan (and was thrilled to interview […]

Protest! 18th July 2007, 10:00

Is there anyone left in Britain who hasn’t set up a petition on the Downing Street home page? Certainly a few motor sport fans have been on there and set up a few petitions that are worth a look. (Don’t worry if you’re not British, just pretend you’re an ex-patriate). Just don’t expect any of […]

Murray Walker to make BBC F1 commentary return? 10th June 2007, 17:48

Murray Walker has been tipped to front the BBC’s coverage of the European Grand Prix at the N??rburgring this year on Radio 5 Live. Regular commentator David Croft is expected to be away. The veteran commentator ended his full-time commentating career in 2001 at the United States Grand Prix. Since then he has commentated on […]

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