Phil Mackereth articles on F1 Fanatic archive

Renault denies using McLaren data (updated) 9th November 2007, 15:44

Renault has denied that it used McLaren intellectual property illegally and confirmed the earlier rumours that the allegations concerned employee Phil Mackereth. In a statement issued today the team admitted becoming aware that Mackereth had the information in September this year – twelve months after he joiend the team from Mclaren. Read the statement in […]

Renault in fresh FIA spying enquiry 8th November 2007, 18:50

The Renault team is to answer charges that it illegally obtained McLaren intellectual property. The FIA today summoned representatives to appear before the World Motor Sport Council in Monaco on December 6th. McLaren alleged that the French team had illegal data belonging to them after McLaren was thrown out of the constructors’ championship for a […]

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