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How the end of Nigel Mansell’s F1 career led to the start of Lewis Hamilton’s 13th August 2008, 14:00

Nigel Mansell fans would probably like to forget the embarrassing end to his career in 1995 with McLaren. After sponsors Marlboro encouraged Ron Dennis to sign the star, Mansell missed the first two races because he couldn’t fit in the car. Once that was sorted he only appeared for the team twice before refusing to […]

Fernando Alonso criticises McLaren again 6th August 2008, 11:00

Fernando Alonso has continued his criticism of former team McLaren Fernando Alonso has sparked fresh debate about his controversial season with McLaren last year by making several critical remarks about the team in recent interviews. I think he’s starting to sound a bit like Niki Lauda and David Coulthard… Alonso on McLaren Before the Hungarian […]

Hungary 2007: the whole story 29th July 2008, 15:00

The complete story of the Fernando Alonso / Lewis Hamilton / McLaren qualifying scandal at the 2007 Hungarian Grand Prix

Kubica, Schumacher and Hamilton: Why they are ‘the ones who got away’ 11th June 2008, 11:00

Robert Kubica scored his maiden Grand Prix win for BMW this weekend. But if someone at Renault had been paying better attention four years ago he could have been driving for them instead. He’s not the only top driver to have slipped through the fingers of a top team early in his career. For a […]

Did Bridgestone compromise McLaren? 11th May 2008, 15:15

A mistake by Bridgestone, Formula 1’s sole tyre supplier, created additional problems for McLaren this weekend. Even before the race got underway the Japanese manufacturer was openly admitting it had brought the wrong choice of compounds. It chose the same combination of medium and hard tyres it brought last year, despite the race being much […]

Dominoes 8th April 2008, 19:40

Ron Dennis and Max Mosley have never been the best of friends. Mosley once said of Dennis: Ron has no role in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship apart from that granted him, in common with other teams, by the Concorde Agreement. Unfortunately he find all this rather difficult to understand. Several years later, and […]

Are BMW championship contenders? 7th April 2008, 23:05

When Robert Kubica put his BMW second on the grid at Melbourne I asked just how fast are BMW – and quite a few of you were cautious not to predict big things for them on the strength of one qualifying performance. Now three races in they’ve had their first pole position and are leading […]

Ron Dennis speaks, Max Mosley sues 4th April 2008, 22:35

I’m officially sick of the Max Mosley thing. He claims to have, “received a very large number of messages of sympathy and support from those within the FIA and the motor sport and motoring communities.” Well since then BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, the German and Dutch motor sports organisations and many individuals including former champions […]

F1 news review: Dennis not quitting 12th March 2008, 7:13

Dennis insists he will not quit – Ron Dennis refutes rumours about his future saying he will not step down from McLaren. He apparently held a meeting with the team staff to tell them before flying out to Melbourne. More here. Late start won’t save GP says Ecclestone – The Australian Grand Prix organisers offered […]

New rumours say Ron Dennis to quit this week 2nd March 2008, 11:01

The Sunday Times claims Ron Dennis will hand over the role of chief executive at McLaren to Martin Whitmarsh this week. According the newspaper Dennis had planned to relinquish his role in the team at the end of 2007 but postponed the change because of the espionage affair. The story alleges Dennis’s decision to step […]

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