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First Principles: Keith Duckworth biography reviewed 19th July 2015, 11:51

Keith Duckworth, who designed Formula One’s most successful engine, could be the most important yet least-heralded person in Formula One history.

F1 2015 by Codemasters reviewed 10th July 2015, 13:35

The official Formula One game has been polished up for a new generation of consoles. But have Codemasters left too many features out of the 2015 edition?

Max Mosley: The Autobiography review 2nd July 2015, 12:00

Max Mosley tells the story of his controversial 18-year rule over Formula One and how he brought the News of the World to its knees. Surely that has to be a must-read?

Riverside International Raceway book review 3rd May 2015, 11:30

Riverside is one of few former Formula One tracks to have been demolished. This new book explains why the IndyCar, NASCAR and drag racing venue was destroyed.

Gilles Villeneuve: His Untold Life reviewed 15th February 2015, 11:48

Seven world champions and a host of other major F1 names including Bernie Ecclestone have contributed to this new book on Gilles Villeneuve.

Jim McGee: Crew Chief of Champions reviewed

F1 champions Nigel Mansell, Mario Andretti and Emerson Fittipaldi figure heavily in this biography of one of IndyCar’s most successful team managers.

Grand Prix: The Killer Years book review 4th January 2015, 11:30

Television documentary Grand Prix: The Killer Years left a lot to be desired but is this spin-off book easier to recommend?

“It was fair”: The 2014 F1 season DVD reviewed 21st December 2014, 12:14

The official 2014 Formula One season review DVD is a much better video than its bafflingly inadequate title “It was fair” might lead you to believe.

Motor Racing Heroes reviewed 15th June 2014, 11:30

In this collection of 100 articles Robert Newman reveals his personal favourite greats of motor racing, which includes all bar one of F1’s world champions.

McLaren’s Ayrton Senna book reviewed 18th May 2014, 11:00

The latest Ayrton Senna biography is endorsed by the Ayrton Senna Institute and McLaren. But is it worth making room on your shelf for?

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