Official season reviews articles on F1 Fanatic archive

“The champion on the track” – 1999 F1 season review video 1st January 2005, 21:02

This was the championship it seemed no-one wanted to win.

“Start to Finish” – 1981 F1 season review video

This is as early as the official FOCA reviews stretch back, and it shows.

“Senna fights back” – 1993 F1 season review video

Despite the title, this video does not focus as narrowly on Ayrton Senna as the 1992 tape does on Nigel Mansell.

“Michael does it again” – 2004 F1 season review DVD

It’s taken a while for FOCA to get their act together with F1 review DVDs – too long, really – but the 2004 DVD delivers the goods.

“Michael’s record year” – 2002 F1 season review video

If you’re putting a collection of these videos together, put this one at the bottom of your wish list. There really is nothing to commend it.

“Michael & co. the dream team” – 2003 F1 season review DVD

Although there are DVD reviews available for the 2000 and 2001 season, FOM took until 2003 to start putting their own DVD reviews out.

“How to win a championship” – 1989 F1 season video review

Quite a few of these F1 season review videos have perplexing titles, and this is a prime example.

“Honda… all fired up!” – 1988 F1 season review video

The 1988 season review video boasts a strong commentating line-up: F1 legend Stirling Moss and top pundit Tony Jardine.

“He did it his way” – 1995 F1 season review video

The simmering Schumacher-Hill rivalry of 1995 makes for great viewing.

“Flying Finn first at the finish” – 1998 F1 season review video

The 1998 season video suffers from the same irritating commentary that spoils the 1997 review.