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Best gifts for F1 fans: Videos (1/5) 26th November 2007, 7:00

Searching for presents for your Christmas wish list? Need a present for a Formula 1 fan? Over the next five days I’ll be picking out some of the best F1 videos, books, toys, collectibles and more to give you some great gift ideas – starting off with the best in F1 video.

“Champion: Fangio” (DVD, 2002) 9th September 2007, 7:00

It’s fifty years since Juan Manuel Fangio won his fifth and final world championship. It took until 2003 for Michael Schumacher to surpass his haul of championship victories. He may have raced at the dawn of the world championship but a fair amount of footage of the great Argentinian’s career does exist. Plenty of which […]

“Champion: Hunt” (DVD) 10th May 2005, 20:43

This is one of the more contemporary titles in Duke Video’s series of video biographies of notable champions. 1976 champion James Hunt was one of the sport’s most unusual characters, and his championship-winning season is just begging to be made into a feature film. There’s a lot of high quality footage and it’s been carefully […]

“50 Years of Formula One On-board” (DVD)

An enticing prospect, but the title of this DVD is a little misleading. Yes, it features on-board footage of Formula One cars dating back around 50 years. But realistically, only since the mid-1980s have Formula One cars regularly been fitted with on-board cameras while racing. So this DVD features a mix of early flirtations with […]

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